Draft Delivery Program 2022-26, Operational Plan & Budget 2024/25

Delivery Program and Operational Plan 2022-2026 - Adopted by Council

Public exhibition of the Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan & Budget 2024/25 (‘DPOP’) closed at 5pm on Wednesday 22 May 2024.Thank you to everyone who made a submission.

The City of Parramatta adopted the Delivery Program and Operational Plan for 2022-2026 at the Monday 24 June 2024 Council Meeting.

The City’s $535 million budget for 2024/25 includes a $195 million capital works program and factors in a $6 million operating surplus. To ensure Council can deliver on all its programs and services, the recommended 5.1% rate rise by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) will be implemented.

To find out more about City of Parramatta’s updated Delivery Program and Operational Plan for 2022-2026 click here.

Key capital works projects in the year ahead include:

  • Max Ruddock Reserve Amenities Modernisation with Viewing Platform
  • Lake Parramatta Swimming Area Upgrade
  • Doyle Ground Sports Facility Improvements
  • Rydalmere Foreshore Stage 3
  • ‘Let’s Play @ Kilpack’ Kilpack Park upgrades, Carlingford
  • Epping Pool redevelopment
  • Finlayson’s Creek Regional Cycleway
  • Duck River Nature Trail
  • Rydalmere Bowling Club refurbishment (transforming into a multi-purpose community facility)
  • Granville Town Square
  • Carter Street Precinct Community Centre

A quick guide to the DPOP

Draft Delivery Program 2022-26 and Operational Plan 2024/25

The draft Year 3 Delivery Program includes an Operational Plan & Budget for the 2024/25 financial year, which outlines the specific services, projects, performance indicators and financial details for the period.

The Delivery Program, originally adopted with the Year 1 Operational Plan in 2022, details its proposed activities for the four financial years from 2022/23 to 2025/26. It aligns with and helps to realise the vision and directions of the draft refreshed Community Strategic Plan 2018-2038 (‘CSP’).

Council reviews these plans every year to ensure the programs and projects are on track and aligned to CSP priority goals.

The draft Year 3 Delivery Program, Operational Plan & Budget ('DPOP') and summary versions are available in the Resources section of this page.

Draft Budget 2024/25

Council has budgeted for more than $534 million in operating and capital expenditure in the 2024/25 financial year.

This will fund the broad range of services and projects listed in the DPOP, and includes a strong program of capital works for the year.

A $50 one-off rebate towards the cost of the Domestic Waste Charge in FY2025 is also proposed for residential rate payers.

Rating Structures

The draft Budget includes proposed rating structures for 2024/25 for all rateable properties (residential and business). Rates and charges are Council’s main source of recurrent income, and are used to maintain infrastructure and deliver services and facilities to the community.

Council typically increases its rates by a small amount each year, to cover increasing costs of delivery. Limits to annual rate increases are determined by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), setting the maximum general income Council can collect from ordinary rates.

You can read more about the draft Budget in the Resources section of this page.

Draft Fees & Charges 2024/25

Council's draft Fees & Charges 2024/25 outline a range of updated Fees & Charges proposed for Council services and can be found in the Resources section of this page. The new Fees & Charges are scheduled to commence on 1 July 2024.

Draft Resourcing Strategy plans

To implement our strategic and operational plans, Council needs to carefully manage finances, assets and infrastructure, and the workforce. To do this, Council prepares and regularly reviews a suite of long-term supporting plans known as the Resourcing Strategy.

To support the review of the DPOP this year, Council has reviewed and updated the following Resourcing Strategy plans:

Long-Term Financial Plan

The Long-Term Financial Plan is a 10-year rolling plan that informs decision-making and demonstrates how the objectives of the City’s CSP and commitments in the DPOP will be resourced and funded. It helps ensure that Council can continue delivering its broad range of services and projects in a financially sustainable way.

Workforce Management Strategy

The Workforce Management Strategy details priorities and actions to be implemented during the next four years, to ensure Council has a workforce capable of delivering all outcomes, services and initiatives identified in the CSP and DPOP.

Asset Management Strategy and Plans

Council’s Asset Management Strategy includes a suite of plans that help ensure all assets under Council’s control are maintained and managed in a responsible and cost-effective manner.

Council has prepared Asset Management Plans for its Buildings, Parks and Open Spaces, Stormwater and Road Infrastructure assets. These plans have been developed to respond to community needs and expectations around acceptable levels of service, asset conditions, and long-term asset sustainability.

Map of key capital projects

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