Our approach

We believe that it is important that all community members can see and have a direct impact on Council decisions that shape our City!

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Key principles

1. Building relationships

We act in an honest, open, and respectful way to build strong relationships, partnerships, and trust with our stakeholders. We encourage effective and ongoing partnerships with the community to provide meaningful opportunities for participation in decision-making.

2. Right to be involved

We believe that our stakeholders have a right to be involved in decisions that affect them. All communication should outline that feedback is invited and no-one is prohibited from participating (noting that there may be additional steps needed for engaging with certain groups such as children and young people under 18).

3. Clarity of purpose

Our engagement is well-planned with a clearly defined purpose and stages for community input. We are clear about why, how, and what we are engaging about; if the community is affected by a decision, they should be consulted.

4. Accessible and inclusive

We actively seek views representative of the community, and we provide a range of engagement activities to ensure that the broadest possible range of stakeholders can participate. Barriers to engagement are identified and measures are put in place to help reduce or overcome these.

5. Timely and coordinated

We engage early on and provide enough time for stakeholders to provide input so that views can be genuinely considered. We collaborate across Council to ensure our engagement activities are coordinated.

6. Tailored

We use a range of engagement and communication methods that suit the purpose and type of project we are consulting on. We consider the impact of the proposed project, complexity, risk, timing, and the range of stakeholders involved. Where possible, information is provided in plain language, is accessible, and available in a format that makes it easy for people to participate.

7. Transparent

We make our decisions in an open and transparent way and provide feedback to our stakeholders in order to explain our decisions and let them know how their input has been considered.

8. Learning from practice

We evaluate our engagement activities and learn from the feedback that has been provided to us.