The Parramatta Road Urban Amenities Improvement Program (PRUAIP), developed in 2013, identified the North Granville Master Plan site and its community facilities as key projects to improve North Granville’s resident’s liveability. Council has endorsed a master plan in 2019. Learn more about the stage 1 implementation below:

Council adopted Stage 1 of the North Granville Community Facilities on 16 Dec 2019. Stage 1 of the masterplan identifies the upgrade of F.S. Garside Park and:

  • Provision of play spaces and facilities for different ages and abilities.
  • Southern half of Onslow Street converted to open space.
  • Improving access and functionality to the playing field.
  • Provision of a range of outdoor gathering spaces including picnic shelters, tables and seating.
  • Reduction in concrete play surfaces and planting of mature trees to reduce urban heat and provide nature-based play.
  • New parking arrangement for Gray Street and northern section of Onslow Street.
  • Creating a separated cycle way along Alfred St to connect to the regional cycle way beneath the M4 viaduct.

Stage 1 of the masterplan is co funded by the NSW Parramatta Urban Amenity Improvement Program and City of Parramatta Council.

HAVE YOUR SAY on plans for F.S. Garside Park, North Granville

Council’s landscape architects have developed a concept plan for F.S. Garside Park that includes a district accessible playground, new youth play spaces, improved sportsfield, fitness stations, two new dog park spaces, new social spaces and much more! The concept plan was developed from community feedback collected from March 2020 and during the master plan development.

Council is now seeking your feedback on the concept plans, proposed parking changes for Gray and Onslow Streets and the Review of Environmental Factors which you can find in the resource section.

Get involved and have your say!

Provide your feedback on the concept plan, proposed traffic changes and the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) plus tell us more about your current experience at the park.

Feedback concludes at 5pm on Friday 3 December 2021. Click on the boxes below to provide feedback.

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    Register your attendance at one of the drop in sessions to be hosted in the park.

    • Thursday 18 November 2021, 3pm to 5pm
    • Saturday 27 November 2021, 10am to 12pm

    Note: A COVID safety plan will be in place and drop in sessions may be moved online in line with current NSW COVID 19 health orders.

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Other ways to have your say:


Written comments can be emailed to
Subject: Feedback on the F.S. Garside Park, North Granville Plans and REF


City of Parramatta Council
Attention: Place Services Team
Subject: Feedback on the F.S. Garside Park, North Granville Plans and REF
PO Box 32,
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Please ensure that you clearly state your full name, contact details and address.

Next steps

Following community consultation and REF public exhibition, the project team will collate feedback to refine the park concept design and amend the REF (where required) before submission for approval.

Detailed design documentation and tender procurement is completion by mid-2022. Construction to upgrade F.S. Garside Park and the Alfred Street Cycleway 1b is anticipated to commence late 2022.

Frequently asked questions

Concept plan

North Granville Community Facilities Master Plan

  1. To deliver a masterplan for the North Granville precinct that offers welcoming places to gather and meet, as well as providing a range of active and passive recreation activities.
  2. To engage with key site stakeholders and the local community in the development of the masterplan.
  3. To ensure that F.S. Garside Park and community facilities meet the needs of North Granville’s current and future population.
  4. Improve the site accessibility and connectivity between recreational spaces.
  5. Address contamination issues to ensure public safety.

Consultation Outcome Report - Draft Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy, identifies the key issues and opportunities for the Granville Precinct collected during the NSW Government 2015 community consultation to inform the development of the PRUAIP projects. This consultation was considered sufficient to commence the works associated with the PRUAIP at F.S. Garside Park and Alfred Street.

The development of a Masterplan to inform recreational and community amenity planning for North Granville was considered necessary to plan and identify funding requirements beyond the scope of the PRUAIP. The Masterplan also provides certainty as to how the park will develop as Granville’s population increases.

Council conducted two rounds of community consultation to inform the development of the Stage 1-North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan:

  • Phase 1 (June-July 2019) – to understand community recreation and community requirements.
  • Phase 2 (Oct-Nov 2019) – to publicly exhibit the draft Masterplan to identify issues and include amendments.

Further community consultation is planned to inform the detail design of each area i.e. Northern Play Area, Playing Field, Youth Recreation Area and Dog Park, Alfred Street Cycleway.

Following community consultation and review, Council will progress the project to detailed documentation and procurement.

Construction is anticipated to commence late 2022 and may take between 12-18 months to complete.

Public and environmental health is of utmost importance to us. Council has undertaken the necessary site investigations and environmental assessments to ensure the park is upgraded in manner that prioritises public health and safety.

Council has engaged an independent environmental specialist to develop: a Review of Environmental Factors (REF), remediation action plan, aboricultural report (tree health assessment), flood modelling and engineer review to ensure that the park is upgraded in a manner that ensures the protection of public and environmental health and safety.

The COVID19 “stay at home” public health orders enacted from 31 March -11 May 2020 and 26 June- 11 Oct 2021 have impacted the project progress.

The below upgrades are proposed to unlock previously unused open space and or improve existing park facilities and amenities.

  • Conversion of the Onslow Street carpark to open space
  • Conversion of the unused reserve near Duck Creek to provide multi-purpose court, fitness stations, two dog park(s) and table tennis table
  • Improved park lighting, access and connectivity within the park
  • New accessible pathway connections and 6 disabled parking spaces
  • New accessible district playground, sensory and nature play spaces
  • Alfred Street separated cycleway (from Parramatta Road to Gray Street)
  • Provision of multiple spaces to gather and socialise (new picnic tables, seating, water fountains)
  • New sport field irrigation, rainwater tanks, storage facility, designated warm up area and seating
  • New mature tree planting, landscaping, and garden beds

Council has applied the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and universal design principles to develop the concept plan relating to the F.S. Garside Park play and open spaces, sports field and amenities. Pathways, parking, recreational facilities, play spaces and public bathrooms have also been designed to comply with current Australian accessibility and inclusion building standards.

A review of environmental factors (REF) is a document that is prepared to demonstrate due diligence and comply with the requirements of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act (1979).

Typically, it applies to construction activities which do not require consent under the act. Instead, the proponent (in this case, the City of Parramatta) must clearly demonstrate it has identified all environmental impacts of the proposal, along with mitigation measures to minimise those impacts. The REF needs to be appropriate to the nature and scale of the proposal, and often draws on specialist studies to reach a conclusion on the nature and extent of impacts and mitigations.

An independent planner was commissioned to prepare this REF. The planner integrated the advice and findings of all specialist designers and engineers who prepared the design for the upgrade and associated works. This was supplemented by reports commissioned for the project from environmental scientists, arborists and soil scientists.

The City of Parramatta is committed to implementing the mitigations and safeguards identified in the REF.

The extent of the soil contamination and flooding constraints at F.S. Garside Park necessitated that the entire site be upgraded in a single build to protect public health, private property, and the environment.

Council has engaged an independent environmental consultant, to undertake investigative site and soil investigations and develop a Remediation Action Plan in line with the proposed concept plan and inform the site remediation requirements.

Remediation works entails removing the contaminated material, installation of a marker layer and installation of a capping layer as identified by the Remediation Action Plan and in accordance with the NSW EPA requirements.

All remediation works will be overseen by Council and an accredited environmental hygienist. Environmental controls during construction include:

  • Air quality monitoring before, during and after the works
  • Capping or excavation and removal of contaminated soils
  • Noise, erosion, and dust suppression controls to minimise impacts to the surrounding neighbourhood
  • All remediation works will be completed by an accredited contaminated soils contractor.

Council has undertaken an independent arboricultural development impact assessment report to review the health and longevity of the existing trees considering the proposed remediation works.

Remediation will require capping of existing contaminated soil with a hard surface like concrete or soil removal. Remediation may also involve altering the soil up to the base of the tree which can affect the health and or structure of the tree. The proposed remediation works may significantly impact the fine root structure of the existing mature trees and cause the trees to decline in time.

Unfortunately, due to the significant soil contamination and remediation activities required, 249 trees at F.S. Garside Park will be removed. There are 9 weeping fig trees located on Parramatta Road which will be retained.

Council has committed to planting a minimum of 128 new mature trees as part of the proposed park upgrade. Although this will not replace all the trees removed, the new trees proposed, and their location have been strategically chosen to create optimal tree canopy coverage and ensure long term tree health.

Conversion of the existing Onslow street car park to open space fulfils Council’s adopted North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan and is a requirement set by the NSW Government Parramatta Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP).

The PRUAIP is accompanied by a strict funding arrangement and timeframes for completion. These requirements are non-negotiable and carry the statutory weight of the section 117 Ministerial Direction Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

New parking is relocated further north along Onslow Street and Gray Street. The concept plan identifies a reduction in car spaces from 71 to 52 (plus 6 disabled spaces).

Proposed parking changes also include 2hr parking (Mon to Fri, 8am to 6pm). The proposed parking restrictions will enable equitable use/visitation to F.S. Garside Park whilst supporting sports training sessions and weekend game attendance.

Test results collected in May 2019, indicated that some sections of the park including the sports field contain materials (currently buried beneath the soil) that may pose a risk to public health and safety if disturbed.

As a precautionary measure, these areas have been fenced and will remain closed to the public until remediation works and construction are completed. Construction and remediation works are anticipated to commence mid 2022.

The previous unofficial (unseparated) dog park measured 1,470m2

The new design has allocated a small dog park area of 475m2 and large dog park area of 1,025m2.

The small and large areas will assist socialisation, by grouping dogs of similar size and reduce potential anti-social behaviour.

Additional improvements to the dog park facilities include drinking fountain, lighting and seating.

Investigations and site closures

Environmental investigations and site closures

Historic records suggested that F.S. Garside Park may have operated as a landfill site (rubbish tip). It is understood that in the early 1930’s it was converted for use as a park by placing a deep compacted soil layer over the landfill and planting a grass layer over the capped landfill site. Records show the area became known as ‘Macarthur Park’ in the early 1930’s.

We now know that some materials in early twentieth century tip sites can pose a risk to health and safety if disturbed.

In May 2019, to help inform the development of the draft North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan, the City of Parramatta appointed a licensed specialist contractor to undertake environmental investigations in sections of F.S. Garside Park, the dog park and the natural reserve adjacent to Duck Creek.

Initial environmental investigations are now complete. However, further investigations will be required to inform the development of concept plans for park upgrades and inform further works including remediation.

Environmental investigations undertaken in May 2019 confirmed that F.S. Garside was once a landfill site.

The investigations identified broken ceramics, bricks and construction materials (including products containing lead, possibly from lead-based paints, and fibro products containing asbestos), glass bottles, and ash. These materials are consistent with items that would normally be found at rubbish tips operating from the 1920’s.

Other finds, including the presence of copper and zinc in the soils, are also consistent with materials widely used in homes in the early twentieth century.

Many of these items can breakdown into materials, which we now know can pose a risk to human health if they become airborne and are inhaled, ingested (eaten) or come into frequent contact with skin (such as regular handling of soil with bare hands).

Test results indicated that some sections of the park contain materials (currently buried beneath the soil) that may pose a risk to public health and safety if disturbed.

As a precautionary measure, these areas were fenced and will remain closed to the public until remediation works and construction are completed.

Asbestos air quality monitoring results before, during and after the testing were within normal levels.

Initial investigations are now complete. Further environmental investigations, are planned to inform the park concept design.

Test results collected in May 2019, indicated that some sections of the park contain materials (currently buried beneath the soil) that may pose a risk to public health and safety if disturbed.

As a precautionary measure, these areas have been fenced and will remain closed to the public until remediation works and construction are completed.

Further environmental testing will inform the methods used to remediate the site and the concept design for F.S. Garside. Testing will also provide information to allow the development of safe work practices for any future work at F.S. Garside.


Contaminants like asbestos only pose a risk to human health if fibres become airborne, and inhaled. Other contaminants present at this site, like hydrocarbons often found in ash resulting from burned organic materials like wood etc., only pose a risk if they come into contact with skin, or are ingested (eaten).

Areas where contaminated materials were present beneath the soil were closed as a precautionary measure.

These areas were fenced to limit soil disturbance, prevent public access and possible physical contact with any potential contaminants that pose a contact risk.

Asbestos air quality monitoring results before, during and after the testing were within normal levels.


Further testing, including groundwater and gas monitoring, were completed within closed areas of the park in October 2019.

Further geotechnical investigations are planned in 2020 to inform the concept design for the park.

In order to determine how to safely carry out further work at F.S. Garside, the City of Parramatta commissioned qualified environmental consultants to install gas and groundwater monitoring wells within the park.

In October 2019, eight small wells for the monitoring of ground gases, and one tower well for groundwater monitoring were installed.

While on site, consultants also took additional targeted soil samples to provide further understanding of the conditions at the site.

All works were carried out in areas of the park already closed to the public. All work conducted adhered to SafeWork NSW health and safety standards for ground disturbing work on a site where contamination may exist.

Environmental results from these samples will inform the methods used to remediate the site and determine whether groundwater and ventilation treatments are required.

Air quality monitoring was undertaken during installation. All results were within normal limits.

Results from the monitoring show that surface gas levels are within normal limits.

Groundwater investigations did not identify any groundwater contamination sourced from the site.

Council has an obligation to remediate F.S. Garside Park regardless of any work to deliver a masterplan.

A relevant Remediation Action Plan (RAP) will be required to limit public exposure to potential contaminants before any construction can progress. Developing a RAP that complements Stage 1 of the North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan will ensure that remediation is based on the future needs of the park.

Further site investigations will be required to develop the RAP and inform designs for the park. Flood modelling and community consultation for each component of the masterplan will be required to inform detailed designs.

City of Parramatta has engaged a specialist contractor certified to safely work on landfill sites to allow for the ongoing maintenance of F.S. Garside until the anticipated North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan work begins.

All works, including grass mowing, will be carried out to comply with appropriate work, health and safety standards. Contractors will wear appropriate personal protection equipment and will take necessary precautions to ensure public safety while undertaking these activities on site.

The City of Parramatta Council will begin reopening playgrounds in a staged process from Friday 15 May 2020.

Council officers will first inspect all outdoor equipment to ensure play spaces are safe to use.

People who use playgrounds must adhere to social distaning requirements outlined by the NSW Government.

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Alternative leash-free areas are available at Deakin Park (Deakin Street, Auburn), Burlington Park (Burlington Street, Northmead), Cowells Lane Reserve (Cowells Lane, Ermington) or Don Moore Reserve (Tiernan Avenue, North Rocks). A full list of off-leash areas in the Parramatta Local Government Area is available here.

City of Parramatta advises that all residents follow the Federal and NSW Government’s latest information in relation to maintaining physical distancing and other measures to help protect our community and minimise the spread of COVID-19.

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Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program

For more information on the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program visit UrbanGrowth NSW’s website.