Sturt Park and Acacia Park

Council is upgrading Sturt and Acacia Parks in Telopea. These upgrades will provide the community with continued access to quality recreation spaces and areas for relaxation in open green spaces.

Consultation findings - Sturt and Acacia Parks Draft Concept Designs

We had a very positive response to the consultation on the Draft Concept Designs prepared for Sturt and Acacia Parks.

At Sturt Park, we heard that play should be appropriate for all ages, with requests for a full basketball court, many new skate park features, as well as toddler-appropriate play. We also heard that there should be lines-of-sight between those spaces. Feedback on the proposed new location of the amenities block and new lighting design was generally good, but you also told us that there still are safety concerns to consider.

At Acacia Park, we heard that you are excited about a beautiful, relaxing landscaping, but that access into the park and around it is still a concern. There were also lots of different ideas about which play themes and features are best! We will be working to incorporate as many of your preferred elements as we can during detailed design and also be adding detail to wayfinding and signage, especially for The Ponds Walk.

Please see the Sturt and Acacia Parks Draft Concept Designs - Infographic in the Resources section for more detailed information on what we heard.

Consultation findings - Sturt Park Skate Park

Council has used your previous feedback to further develop and refine plans for the park upgrades. Throughout late June and early August 2020, the community provided feedback on the concept designs for the proposed skatepark to be located at Sturt Park. Check out what it could like in the ‘Telopea Skatepark Upgrade Draft Concept Report’ in the Resources section.

Council received 35 submissions on the proposed Skatepark Concept Design during the consultation period with respondents indicating that they were supportive of the bigger space and open area as well as various street obstacles that are being considered. To see more of what we heard, please click here.

Throughout September 2020, Council will incorporate feedback into the detailed design with construction anticipated in mid-to-late 2021.

Exhibition - Review of Environmental Factors

During late 2020, Council conducted consultation on the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) prepared for the proposed upgrades at Sturt Park and Acacia Park.

The REF is an assessment of the potential environmental impacts of the park upgrades, both during construction and after completion. The REF identified a range of environmental safeguards and mitigations to protect archaeology, heritage (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) as well as flora and fauna. This is a planning process known as Part 5 under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

As part of the REF, Council needs to fully assess possible environmental impacts, and then look at mitigations to limit any negative impacts. The REF prepared for Sturt Park and Acacia Park determined that the works will not have a significant impact on the environment (subject to implementation of mitigation measures) and therefore an Environmental Impact Statement was not required.

Public exhibition of the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) closed at 9:00am on Monday 16 November 2020. Council received two submissions.

To look at Council's response to these submissions, please refer to the Review of Environmental Factors - Post Exhibition Report in the 'Resources - Review of Environmental Factors' section of this page.


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