Council is upgrading Sturt and Acacia Parks in Telopea. These upgrades will provide the community with continued access to quality recreation spaces and areas for relaxation in open green spaces.

From April to June 2019, and again from 23 March to 6 April 2020, Council invited you to share what you would like these parks to look and feel like in the future and what you thought about the Draft Concept Designs that we exhibited. Click on the 'Consultation findings' option below for more detailed information on what we heard.

We had a very positive response to the consultation on the Draft Concept Designs prepared for Sturt and Acacia Parks.

At Sturt Park, we heard that play should be appropriate for all ages, with requests for a full basketball court, many new skate park features, as well as toddler-appropriate play. We also heard that there should be lines-of-sight between those spaces. Feedback on the proposed new location of the amenities block and new lighting design was generally good, but you also told us that there still are safety concerns to consider.

At Acacia Park, we heard that you are excited about a beautiful, relaxing landscaping, but that access into the park and around it is still a concern. There were also lots of different ideas about which play themes and features are best! We will be working to incorporate as many of your preferred elements as we can during detailed design and also be adding detail to wayfinding and signage, especially for The Ponds Walk.

Please see the Sturt and Acacia Parks Draft Concept Designs - Infographic in the Resources section for more detailed information on what we heard.

Have your say on the Sturt Park Skatepark!

Council has used your previous feedback to further develop and refine the plans for the park upgrades. We are now seeking your feedback on the concept for the proposed skatepark to be located at Sturt Park. Check out what it could like in the video below or via the ‘Telopea Skatepark Upgrade Draft Concept Report’ in the Resources section.

Let us know what you think about the skatepark!

Click on the button below to fill out a survey and provide your thoughts.

The survey will close at 9am on Monday, 10 August 2020.

There will be further opportunities to have your say on the future of Sturt Park and Acacia Park over the coming months.

For further background information on this project, please refer to the Frequently asked questions.

We will keep you updated on this page as the project progresses.

Please email or call (02) 9806 5050 if you have any questions.

Frequently asked questions

Sturt Park and Acacia Park are important assets for our local community, but they are in need of an upgrade so that they are safer, better connected and state-of-the-art.

The Sturt and Acacia Parks Improvement Project will help to future proof and enhance these green spaces, ensuring they remain great, loveable parks well into the future. The improvements will strengthen our connection to the natural environment and ensure that the local community continues to have access to quality active and passive recreation spaces close to where they live.

Council received a $5 million grant from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment under its Precinct Support Scheme. This grant provides an opportunity to undertake major upgrades to parks within the Telopea Urban Renewal Precinct. The funding will be put towards improving Sturt and Acacia parks which are the two key open spaces in the local area.

The Sturt and Acacia Parks Improvement Project is a separate project and not dependent on the timeline or funding for the Telopea Urban Renewal Masterplan. The Telopea Urban Renewal Masterplan project identified the importance of upgrading these large, local green spaces.

For more information on the Telopea Urban Renewal Masterplan, please visit the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website ( and the NSW Department of Family and Community Services’ Communities Plus website (

The Sturt and Acacia Parks Improvement Project is funded by a $5 million grant from the NSW Government and Council is committed to delivering as many improvements as possible within this budget. Our first round of community consultation on the draft concept designs highlighted the need for improved safety and including elements for many ages and abilities.

Council will continue to work closely with the community to understand the needs, aspirations and priorities for each park. Your feedback on the draft concept designs will help to further shape the park upgrades.

Your feedback will be considered, together with heritage studies, Aboriginal sensitive areas, drainage concerns, safety and lighting assessments, bushland conservation, and other analysis for the best location of services and infrastructure.

Construction is expected to commence by early 2021 with completion planned for June 2021. This timeframe is aligned with the commitments made in the Precinct Support Scheme Agreement between Council and the NSW State Government. This timing is dependent on the findings of studies.

City of Parramatta acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land, the Darug people. For over 60,000 years, the area comprising present day Parramatta has been occupied by the Burramattagal people who played a significant role in the parks’ current locations including Ponds Creek. Council will be completing a heritage report for the parks during the design phase. The report’s findings will be reflected in designs that celebrate, respect and work around the heritage of the sites as appropriate and following Council and State guidelines.

Part of Sturt Park’s heritage value lies in the large Blue Gum Trees that formed the original bushland before Dundas Valley was cleared for farming and housing, and are now critically endangered within the Sydney basin. These significant trees will be protected in the future designs for the park. In line with Council’s ongoing commitment to restore urban bushland and waterways, Council aims to protect all significant remaining trees across the park and restore and rehabilitate the Ponds Creek.

Sturt and Acacia Parks will continue to be owned and maintained by Council.

Council is committed to making sure everyone can access the information they need in a format that is right for them. If you would you like information supplied in another language or format, please call 1300 617 058 and ask for Council's Community Engagement Team or email

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This project is proudly funded by the NSW Government.

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