What does the future of Granville look like for you?

Imagine Granville provided a chance for the local community to have their say on the future of Granville and help Council develop a master plan for a proposed community square!

The community's vision will help inform Council's long-term upgrade and improvement plan.

So, how do you 'Imagine Granville'?

Have your say

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback as a part of the IMAGINE GRANVILLE consultation!

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The Granville Place Plan was adopted by Council on the 26 July 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Place Plans help to articulate the character of an area, its history, heritage and natural assets, its economic, environmental, social and aesthetic aspirations. The plans summarise and prioritise the local needs of an area (suburb/precinct) to ensure that a place is sustainable and thriving into the future These may include but are not limited to:

  • infrastructure requirements,
  • quality and type of amenities,
  • retail mix and,
  • open space requirements.

Place Plans are living documents, informed by community consultation, research, data analysis, and the City of Parramatta’s strategic documents, along with other State and Regional Plans. It sets out objectives and determines actionable items for the area.

Place plans differ from conventional planning instruments such as zoning maps because they incorporate multi-disciplinary backgrounds and interests. They also consolidate a variety of hard (buildings, roads) and soft infrastructure (services), short term and long-term actions to determine the vision for a Place.

A master plan usually focuses on a much smaller area, such as a park, and provides a concept plan for an upgrade to the site. It often provides estimate costings, and community consultation results around the specific upgrade. A Place Plan might have an action such as ‘to deliver a community facility in Granville’ and a master plan would be used to design the community facility.

Place Plans provide strategic guidance to Council when making decisions that affect a current or future community. Place Plans will provide background analysis to inform a future vision and to guide decision making. It helps prioritise actions to better manage resources and funding, and enables Council to provide a coordinated response.

Place Plans begin with; gathering existing data such as demographic and economic data, along with community consultation data, landmark mapping, investigations into the history and heritage, and consideration of broader Council strategies and documents. This ultimately results in being able to build the current character for a Place, a future vision, and an actions list to achieve that vision.

Council is currently testing this Place Plan to see if we have got it right. Tell us about your vision of the future of Granville and review the Draft Place Plan for Granville on this page.

The Imagine Granville feedback will help to inform the actions list of the Place Plan. Through people providing their project ideas and the rest of the community being able to provide feedback on those ideas, we will be able to get a sense of what projects would be most needed in the Granville area.