Lake Parramatta Swimming Area Upgrade

In December 2022, the Lake Parramatta Swimming Area draft concept plan was promoted on Participate Parramatta. The top three issues identified relating to the draft concept plan were:

  • Environmental impact - wanting to preserve the natural quality of Lake Parramatta
  • Suitability of the pontoon - questions about safety (the pontoon was subsequently removed from the plan)
  • Universal access - questions about the lack of a ramp for wheelchair users to enter the water

In July 2023, Council approved the concept plan for the upgrade at Lake Parramatta.

Public exhibition of Review of Environmental Factors now concluded

Public exhibition of the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for upgrades to the Lake Parramatta Swimming Area closed at 5pm on Monday 11 September 2023. Thank you for your feedback.

The REF describes the project, considers potential environmental, social, and economic impacts, and outlines measures to minimise and avoid these impacts.It also assesses impacts on landform, geology and soils, waterways, wetlands, and aquatic habitats, biodiversity and arboriculture, Aboriginal heritage, and historic heritage.

Overall, the REF determines that the identified potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed works can be adequately managed provided the design recommendations and mitigation measures outlined within this REF are adhered to.

The Executive Summary and full Review of Environmental Factors can be found in Resources or learn more in Frequently Asked Questions.

Aquatic Safety Assessment and Accessibility

In January 2023, Council engaged Royal Life Saving NSW to carry out a safety assessment of the proposed upgrade with a focus on the pontoon. The assessment identified certain risks and recommended removing the pontoon from the design.

Council also met with the City of Parramatta Access Advisory Committee. Council staff detailed that a ramp was not being considered as it would require mass clearing of native vegetation and removal of sandstone outcrops. Further changes were recommended by the Committee which have been included in the revised draft concept plan.

You can learn more about the Royal Life Saving NSW and Access Advisory Committee conclusions in Frequently Asked Questions.

In response to the community's feedback and recommendations in the safety report, Council removed the pontoon from the draft concept plan, modified the landscape design to complement the natural setting, included tactile surface indicators, and retained the safety enhancements.

Revised Draft Concept Plan

Features in the revised draft concept plan

  • Coloured concrete pavement to improve accessibility to the waters edge
  • Coarse river sand ‘beach’ for improved level water access
  • 2.0m x 2.0m raised mod-wood lifeguard platform with removable umbrella
  • Concrete water access steps with central stainless steel handrail and tactile surface indicators
  • Proposed sandstone rock outcrops / boulders
  • Sandstone coloured concrete steps to match existing
  • Native planting regeneration works
  • Sandstone block seating / retaining wall
  • Underwater retaining wall to 1.8m depth with depth markers to retain coarse river sand ‘beach’ material
  • Backrest and armrests placed on sandstone block retaining wall
  • Coloured concrete access pathway with steps and tactile surface indicators improving accessibility to the existing shelters and swimming area
  • Tactile surface indicators placed at the top and bottom of existing deck steps for improved accessibility

Changes to the original draft concept plan

  • Some seating/benches and the shade sails have been removed - to minimise impact on the natural setting
  • The floating pontoon has been removed - to address the identified safety risks

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