Project Update

Located on the northern side of Granville Station, upgrades to Good Street and Bridge Street offer residents, workers and visitors improved public spaces and amenity. This upgrade utilises the latest technologies to increase convenience, connectivity and safety, and update the look and feel of the streetscape.

Paving, lighting and seating creates a sense of place.

The community's vision for injecting new life and smart city technology into the local centre has been realised.

View of the Good Street improvements


Photographs of the newly upgraded centre.


Community engagement

Thank you to everyone who contributed over the past 12 months, your feedback has informed the upgrades which were completed in early 2023.

Across June and July 2019 as part of the initial community consultation, Council asked you what kind of improvements you would like to see at Good and Bridge Streets. Suggestions and preferred upgrades included:

  • Tree planting
  • Installation of multipurpose smart poles and lights
  • New pavement
  • Better active transport links (paths for walking and cycling)
  • New street furniture
  • Convert Good Street to one-way south bound for vehicular traffic (between Bridge Street & Cowper Street) - reducing vehicular speeds & improving pedestrian safety.

During the final round of consultation we heard that 95% of the participants supported all or most of the proposed upgrades!

“I agree with all the upgrades as they will add more visual appeal, encourage use of the area due to improved appeal and access.” - Community member

To find out more about what we heard from the most recent consultation on the final concept plans click on the button below.

View the proposed plans below or in the resource section:

Concept plans above and in the resource section. These are indicative only and subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 'smart' or 'future' city is one that embraces innovative strategies and technologies around landscape, infrastructure and technology to make our cities, suburbs and towns more liveable, productive and sustainable.

It is a holistic approach to our streetscapes so that when streets are designed they now actively consider environmental factors, activations, economic development and technology to create a better overall user experience.

Examples of smart technology:

  • CCTV and related security systems
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Transport information
  • Smartphone applications
  • Websites

Parramatta will be a smart city that leverages the foundations of good urban planning, transparent governance, open data and enabling technologies that will support our position as a vibrant, people-centric, connected and economically prosperous city.

Through the advancement of technology and data analytics, our city streets are a changing landscape. The street is the ultimate public space. It is the space for everyone, and the connections between buildings, transport systems and other spaces.

Some areas of existing on-street parking in Good and Bridge Streets does not meet current Australian Standards.

Parking availability in these streets will be slightly reduced in this proposal however parking opportunities are maximised in accordance with current Australian Standards.

We are converting Good Street between Cowper and Bridge Streets to 40km/hour one way southbound with parking lanes either side and speed humps (Carriage way 2.9m wide and parking lanes 2.8m wide) to facilities a pedestrian friendly, activated street.

The road way will decrease to one way to facilitate the upgraded and extended pavement with 1.8m clear path and 3.7m wide furniture/activation zone (outdoor dining etc) to improve pedestrian safety, provide activation opportunities and mature tree planting.

  • We are removing the raised refuge islands (near the roundabout) along Cowper Street and replacing with line marking. Existing pedestrian refuges are subject to major vehicular overhang particularly from buses and trucks. They provide a false sense of security for pedestrians creating an unsafe crossing environment. Replacing these eliminates the false sense of security for pedestrians and safety issues regarding vehicular overhang.
  • Upgrading kerb ramps to improve access
  • New raised pedestrian crossing with priority cycleway crossing flush with pedestrian pavement to improve access across Bridge Street

The proposal provides a single 30m length bus zone on the northern side of Bridge Street between Good Street and Cowper Street for both the west and east-bound N60 late night bus service.