Public Exhibition of Draft Master Plan

As part of our commitment to the community to improve parks and recreational facilities across the local government area, City of Parramatta has developed a Draft Master Plan for Binalong Park.

Earlier in the year across two phases of community consultation, we sought your feedback on the future of Binalong Park. We used your feedback and suggestions to develop a Draft Master Plan which is now on public exhibition. For more information on the feedback received during phase one and two, please check out the consultation outcomes reports in the resources section.

The Draft Master Plan identifies key park improvement opportunities and provides a guide for the future funding of new recreational facilities and amenities over the next decade. The master planned area is represented in the aerial overview below. Click on the glowing yellow spots to learn more about the proposed new park features or check out the full Draft Master Plan in the resources section.

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Drop-in sessions: To learn more about the Draft Master Plan, community members are also able to attend a drop-in session and have a chat to the project team on one of the following dates:

  • Saturday 12 June, 9-11am at Binalong Park, Old Toongabbie
  • Thursday 17 June, 3-5pm at Binalong Park, Old Toongabbie
  • Saturday 19 June, 2-4pm at Binalong Park, Old Toongabbie

Binalong Park Draft Master Plan - Aerial Overview

Click on each of the yellow glowing spots below to learn more!


Public exhibition of the Draft Master Plan for Binalong Park closes at 5:00pm on Friday 25 June 2021.

If you need assistance preparing a submission, please contact Council on 02 9806 5050 and ask for the Place Services Team or email

Online submissions: Use the form below to submit your feedback online and upload any documents to support your submission.

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Written comments can be emailed to
Subject: Feedback on the Draft Master Plan for Binalong Park


City of Parramatta Council
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Subject: Feedback on the Draft Master Plan for Binalong Park
PO Box 32, Parramatta NSW 2124

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Next steps

Following the conclusion of the public exhibition period, the Draft Master Plan will be amended if necessary and a final version will be made publicly available and put forward to Council for adoption.

Frequently asked questions

To make a submission:

  • Provide online via this page
  • Email
  • Write to 'Place Services, City of Parramatta PO Box 32 Parramatta NSW 2124'
  • Visit the Constitution Hill Library to submit a hardcopy submission

Submissions close 5pm, Friday 25 June 2021.

Visit the below locations:

  • City of Parramatta Library, 1–3 Fitzwilliam Street, Parramatta
  • Council’s Customer Service Centre, 126 Church Street, Parramatta
  • Constitution Hill Branch Library, Hollis Street, Constitution Hill

The Master Plan will set out a 20 year vision to align future work at Binalong Park by:

  • Planning for future recreational requirements
  • Identifying opportunities to improve the layout of recreational activities
  • Reviewing existing amenities buildings
  • Identifying opportunities to provide new local meeting rooms and community spaces

Your feedback is critical to renewing the Master Plan! To ensure we capture community needs and wants in the Master Plan, we will be offering three phases of community engagement as outlined below.

  • Phase one – What you liked, loathed and ideas for future improvement? How can we make Binalong Park even better to support our communities social and recreational needs? (Completed on 4 February 2021)
  • Phase two – Flesh out key concerns and issues: We will use your feedback from phase one to work through site constraints, understand issues and inform improvement measures. (Completed on 10 May 2021)
  • Phase three – Public exhibition: We are publicly exhibiting the Draft Master Plan and seek community feedback before presenting to Council for endorsement.

Council conducted two phases of community consultation to inform the development of the Draft Master Plan.

Phase one consultation was conducted from 7 December 2020 to 4 February 2021. A total of 413 responses were received. See the resources section of this page for a copy of the full report.

Phase two consultation was conducted from 19 April to 10 May 2021. A total of 352 responses were received. See the resources section of this page for a copy of the full report.

Thank you to all those who submitted feedback during phase one community engagement which took place between 7 December 2020 and 4 February 2021. We received a total of 273 responses!

Click here for a summary of what we heard.

Council completed phase two consultation on 10 May 2021. This phase of consultation assisted our architects to identify the main concerns and issues at Binalong Park and to understand if proposed park improvements would be supported by the community.

Participants were invited to select between 0 (do not support) to 5 (fully support) to indicate their approval of the park improvement suggestions against each of the 5 key themes: access, parking and traffic, park layout, variety of activities provided and park safety.

A total of 352 responses were received. Overall, Council’s suggestions to improve Binalong Park were well received. The community was enthusiastic to see improvements to this much-loved park. The general sentiment towards the Master Plan process was very supportive with many participants welcoming the proposed improvements to the park.

Many participants echoed the suggested park improvements and provided insight to local concerns and issues. Timed parking was unpopular and will not be included as part of the Draft Master Plan. Any plans for timed parking will require further community consultation.

We understand the sports fields at Binalong Park are important assets for the sports clubs and community. The Draft Master Plan seeks to raise the sport field to the north-eastern corner of the site (bordered by Toongabbie Public School) to the same level as the other two sports fields. To achieve this outcome, a retaining structure is required to the north-eastern corner of the site. Regrading the site will allow for greater flexibility of use, clear and more walkable connections throughout the park and significantly improved visual connections and sight lines across the site.

The tennis amenities building will be upgraded to ensure that it is DDA compliant and will include a kitchenette, public toilet and picnic areas.

A new sports and communities amenities building is proposed to provide direct and accessible connection with all of the recreational and sports activities provided within the park. The proposed building addresses both sports fields. Sports related amenities such as change rooms, kiosks and referees’ rooms are positioned to its eastern façade. Community related facilities will include public toilets, multifunction community spaces and additional public recreation facilities and outdoor meeting areas.

Council will not be introducing timed car parking at Binalong Park. Any future requirements to introduce timed parking will require further community consultation. The master plan proposes that the carpark be moved to the south-western corner of the site. This allows for the carpark to remain at an appropriate size to accommodate a similar number of parking spaces to the existing arrangement, however reduces the need for visitors to walk through the carpark.

The relocation of the carpark will also reduce congestion at the corner of Binalong Road and Fitzwilliam Road. Additionally, separate entrance and exits have been included to improve car park circulation and provide an opportunity for a school drop-off zone.

In 2019, Council undertook initial consultation to improve Binalong Park. Thank you to those that provided feedback. During previous consultation, we received feedback to include water play facilities. Waterplay parks need to provide enough space for vistors to socialise, picnic and spend the day. After assessing the site and reviewing this feedback, Binalong Park has been assessed as not being suitable for a water park.

We are still committed to improving Binalong Park, which the new Master Plan will help achieve. We are also still committed to delivering a water park in the local area, and a review of Arthur Phillip Park in Northmead is currently underway. To learn more about this project click here.

A Master Plan is a long term document that helps align work at the park over a 20 year period. Typically, Master Plans can take up to 20 years to complete. This does not mean that work on the park will not commence until 2041. Upgrading a park as large as Binalong in a single build would be costly in addition to creating extensive disruption to the community.

Construction of the park will occur across a few stages following endorsement of the Master Plan.

The Master Plan ensures that the individual components complement each other.

The Master Plan also provides Council with a shovel ready plan to apply for State and Federal grant funding where applicable.