Parramatta Bike Plan Refresh

Council officers are currently reviewing your feedback and updating the draft Bike Plan in response. To view Council's responses to the individual pieces of feedback, please scroll down to the 'Post Exhibition' section under Resources. Comments have been organised via reception method - pop-ups, online survey, map comment or direct email.

The updated draft Parramatta Bike Plan seeks to refresh the Bike Plan developed in 2017. It supports the City of Parramatta’s vision to be Sydney’s Central City - sustainable, liveable, and productive. As Parramatta develops, it is anticipated that cycling will play an increasingly important role in realising the vision outlined in Council’s Community Strategic Plan.

Provided it is done right, cycling is a transport alternative with the potential to ease the pressure on our roads and public transport. This is why a comprehensive Bike Plan for our City is crucial!

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The draft Parramatta Bike Plan looks at opportunities to invest in new and existing cycleways and create a better user experience for the community.

It’s aspirations are:

  • To enhance the productivity and liveability of Parramatta through an increase in cycling, helping foster healthy and connected residents, workers and visitors.
  • For cycling to be safe, and perceived as a safe and attractive option for all members of the community, for those aged 8 through to 88.
  • To increase the proportion of people cycling in Parramatta to 5% of all trips to work, and 10% for those ending in the CBD.

For more detail, scroll down and review the draft Bike Plan or view it in the resources section of the page. You can also zoom in on the map below for more detail and see what the community said about specific areas.

Existing and proposed cycleway network

Click on to the map below to view the existing and proposed cycleway network in more detail.

Thank you to everyone that commented - to view participants' comments, please click on the map.

Bike plan map

mage of Bike Plan

Public exhibition has now closed

Thank you for providing feedback on the draft Parramatta Bike Plan before 5pm on Thursday 31 August 2023.

Council officers are now reviewing community feedback and compiling a report to be presented at a future Council Meeting.

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