Over two stages of engagement delivered throughout 2021, Council sought community feedback on the upgrade of Orchard Road Reserve Playground in Beecroft (also referred to as Carlingford Oval Playground).

The existing local playground is targeted to pre-school aged children (0 – 5 years) and juniors (6-12 years) and has ‘skill based’ play type elements. The City of Parramatta Community Infrastructure Strategy recommends that upgrades to local playgrounds in this area should include increased ‘natural’, ‘sensory’ and ‘imaginative’ play type elements.

In response to this recommendation and the community feedback that was provided, Council has developed a concept plan for the new playground. You can check out the concept plan in the resources section of this page!

Construction of the new playground

Construction of the new playground is scheduled to be completed by 30 June 2022 (wet weather permitting).

The new playground will be built to the east of the existing playground and will take advantage of shade from already established trees. Consideration was given to retaining the existing playground until construction of the new playground was finalised, however it was determined to be significantly more cost efficient and safer to demolish it at the same time.

The existing park shelter will be retained and painted for general park use. The new playground will not have an additional shelter installed as it was beyond the allocated project budget, however it will include two new park seats with backrests as well as informal seating opportunities on sandstone walls, in a location with natural shade from existing trees.

All trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers to be planted in the new landscaped areas will be endemic species (i.e. locally native) with previous exotic shade tree plantings to the north of the existing playground being removed at the same time.

Community engagement

During stage one of community engagement, Council asked questions to determine how the local community uses the playground at Orchard Road Reserve (Carlingford Oval) Playground, as well as develop an understanding of what the community wants to see delivered as part of the upgrade.

Based on your feedback and site requirements, Council developed two options for the new play equipment which we consulted the community on during stage two of community engagement. Of the two options presented, the clear preference was Option One with 98% of respondents preferring this design.

Frequently asked questions

The playground is being replaced under the City of Parramatta Playground Replacement Program as it has reached the end of its functional life and must be upgraded to meet Australian standards for playground safety.

Parts of the playground are well-shaded, however in response to the Community Infrastructure Strategy recommendation that shade be considered as part of local playground upgrades, additional shade trees have recently been planted.

This playground does not require fencing due to its safe location away from roads or traffic.

At this stage, the playground upgrade should not require the removal of any trees.

No water play is planned for this playground as it is only to be installed in specially considered locations and is too expensive to install and maintain under a local playground budget.

No trampolines or flying foxes are planned for this playground as these items are too expensive to be funded under a local playground budget.

Outdoor exercise equipment is not designed for children and cannot be included in playgrounds. The budget has been specifically allocated to upgrade the playground and does not allow for additional items in the park.

Yes, the playground will include at least two new seats with backrests.

It is unlikely this playground will include a bin due to the location making a bin difficult to empty. However, a bubbler will be considered, dependant on the cost of connecting it to water mains.

The play surface around the play equipment will be made from a coloured porous rubber.