The Old King's Foreshore holds cultural, historical and social significance at local, state and federal levels. The foreshore is also a popular recreation area and forms a part of a high-traffic pedestrian corridor linking key destinations, the Parramatta CBD and the Bankwest Stadium.

A risk assessment of the area undertaken by Council identified that the current lack of lighting and visibility poses a potantial public safety risk. For interim safety, three (3) temporary lighting fixtures are being relied upon, however a more sustainable and permanent solution is required.

The proposed works include the installation of twenty (20) new LED light poles along the existing pathway adjacent to the Old King's Parade Ground. The new light poles will provide consistent high quality lighting of the foreshore path and connecting link to O’Connell Street to a standard suitable for urban parklands and shared use by pedestrians and bike riders.

Artist illustration of the lighting plans installed on the Old King's Foreshore.
Existing share pathway
Old King's Parade Ground/ Bayanami Public School
Parramatta River Foreshore
New Lighting

The light pole design has been selected for its suitability as a standard fixture for use throughout the city river corridor, in a range of settings and has the capacity to integrate other services, such as power, water and data, reducing the visual clutter of separate service cabinets these would otherwise require.

A range of technical studies and site investigations have been undertaken, and a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has been prepared by an independent consultant.

The REF has given consideration to archaeology, acid sulphate soils, contamination, flora and fauna, heritage, geotechnical, traffic and access, noise and air quality, visual amenity impacts and waste management, including storage and disposal. Across these areas, potential minor impacts have been identified, along with their required safeguarding actions and mitigation measures to minimise impacts. Read more about the REF in the resource section of this page.


Consultation on the Old King's Foreshore Lighting Project proposed plans and the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has now closed as of Monday 24 August 2020 at 4:00PM.

What did we hear?

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. Feedback received told us that the new lighting along the Old King’s Foreshore is a welcomed addition to increase visibility along the route with 98% of respondents support the project overall.

  • 72 people provided feedback via the survey online
  • 90% of respondents selected that they live within the City of Parramatta Local Government Area
  • 90% voting ‘yes’ they do believe this project will increase visibility for pedestrians and cyclists along this path
  • 65% advised ‘yes’, the draft Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has provided appropriate safeguarding actions and mitigation measures to minimise these impacts

You also had some great suggestions about future improvements for safety in the area. Such as:

  • Path upgrade
  • More signage for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Activation (events, pop ups cafes, etc) along the route
  • Update the under-bridge area
  • Mirrors for tight corners
How has the feedback been used?

The technical issues raised in submissions have been reviewed to confirm the design as exhibited provides high quality lighting to an appropriate standard whilst minimising light spill.

  • The switchboard has been relocated to a more discrete location away from O’Connell Street and closer to Marsden Street where it will no longer potentially impact pedestrian sight lines, as noted in one submission.
  • A number of suggestions about improvements for safety in the area are noted for consideration as part of future improvement works.

Further to this, it is noted the current lighting project anticipates two of these potential future improvements in its design.

  • The luminaires have been located and specified to ensure a future widened path will still meet the lighting standard, and
  • the poles are cabled and configured to permit a future CCTV installation.

If you have any questions relating to the new lighting along Old King's Foreshore project or the REF, please email the project team via or call 1300 617 058.

Submissions have now closed as of Monday 24 August 2020 at 4:00PM.

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