Harris Park is a thriving, dynamic, multicultural hub known for its blend of cultures and large Indian population. Sometimes referred to as ‘Little India’, Wigram, Marion and Station Streets in Harris Park are home to more than 20 eateries, a variety of shops selling colourful saris, glittering arm bangles and Indian spices that will transport you straight to Mumbai.

Harris Park is identified as one of 5 key visitor precincts in Council’s Destination Management Plan (DMP). The aim of the DMP is to build and communicate successful and sustainable destinations for visitors by providing attractive and unique experiences, whilst balancing the needs of the local community.

What we heard

Council recently sought feedback on a proposal to promote Harris Park as ‘Little India’ and on ways to further enhance Harris Park as a unique location for food and shopping.

Consultation with local businesses, residents and broader community showed that more than 80% supported the use of the name ‘Little India’ to promote Harris Park.

Next steps

Council has now endorsed the proposal which will see Marion Street, Wigram Street, and Station Street East in Harris Park branded ‘Little India’ as part of an initial six-month campaign.

Harris Park is already known by locals for its authentic Indian cuisine, vibrant cultural events and celebrations, and diverse range of businesses. Council is keen to share this local treasure and encourage visitors to experience what this colourful precinct has to offer

Thank you for your interest and feedback.

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Frequently asked questions

The Destination Management Plan (DMP) for the City of Parramatta (2019-2024) provides industry and community partners who contribute to the City of Parramatta’s visitor economy, with an overview of the five-year plan, its strategic directions and the high-level actions for implementation over its first three years (2019-2022). It brings together the elements of a growing visitor economy, building on the achievements from Council’s previous visitor strategy. To download the DMP visit cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au/council/key-council-documents/destination-management-plan

The DMP identified 5 key visitor precincts for the first 3 years of the Plan’s implementation, one of which is the Harris Park, Rosehill and Rydalmere areas. One of the key actions in the DMP is to grow the visitor economy in the Harris Park/Rosehill areas.

Harris Park is home to a large Indian community and is well established as a unique destination for Indian cuisine, Indian owned and operated small to medium businesses. As a result, the area is informally referred to as ‘Little India’. Growing the Harris Park precinct will deliver economic, marketing and cultural benefits for local Harris Park businesses and the community.

We recognise that Harris Park is a multicultural hub known for its blend of cultures and variety of cuisines. The area is informally known as ‘Little India’ as there is a large Indian population and a variety of shops selling Indian food and products. Council is looking at ways to promote and further enhance Harris Park as a unique location for food and shopping which attracts visitors from all over.