The Hill Road Master Plan aims to increase pedestrian and vehicular safety, create a greener more shaded roadway, manage flooding and address drainage concerns.

Hill road is the only north – south access road in and out of Wentworth Point, a suburb which also has limited public transport options. Buses form the main mode of public transport, but this comes with a number of pedestrian safety concerns.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and contributed to the development of this overall plan of prioritised and staged upgrades that can occur in the future.

Council adopted the Hill Road Master Plan on the 12 July 2021. Watch it here.

In addition to the full Master Plan document, a summary is available in the resource section of this page.

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Explore the Hill Road Master Plan

View the highlights or read the full adopted Master Plan here.

Next Steps

Council recently sought the community's feedback for the exhibition of the draft Hill Road Master Plan which concluded at 5:00PM on Monday 26 April 2021.

Watch this page to stay updated about the next steps for this project.

If you have any questions, or you would you like information in another language or format, please contact the Place Services Team via 1300 617 058 or

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