Draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy

A City for nature, sustainable, resilient, and on a journey of regeneration.

Parramatta is a City in nature, located at the head of Sydney Harbour. At its heart flows the Parramatta River, an ancient waterway that has attracted and sustained communities for thousands of years.

Our draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy is a 10-year strategy that replaces the previous 2017-2021 Strategy. It ensures the environment is at the heart of Parramatta’s identity and wellbeing, and central to our action in the face of climate change and the growth of our community.

Why do we need an Environmental Sustainability Strategy?

Environmental sustainability is a critical concern for our community, and the time to act is now. With a focus on regeneration, resilience and climate action, this strategy sets direction for our community and Council to:

  • reduce carbon emissions
  • deliver better built environmental performance
  • improve air and water quality
  • connect our network of bushland and waterways
  • foster biodiversity across the city, and
  • empower our community.

What you have told us so far?

We recognise the importance of involving our community in our planning and decision-making process. Community engagement has been at the core of the development of this draft Strategy.

Watch to learn about the areas you want us to address!

Our vision

A City for nature, sustainable, resilient, and on a journey of regeneration.

Council imagines Parramatta as a regenerative city that proactively takes climate action and strengthens urban resilience. Building on the long-term vision established in our Community Strategic Plan 2018-2038 (CSP) and through consultation with the community and stakeholders, the draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy outlines our plan to make this vision a reality.

Through our vision we aim to support local environmental values including positively supporting First Nations cultural values and caring for Country.

Our priorities

These priorities build on the strengths of our City, leverage ongoing partnerships and investment, set the direction for the future, and guide decision-making, to ensure our environment is at the heart of Parramatta’s identity and wellbeing.

For more details around specific actions we'll take to achieve this vision and how they'll be monitored, see the Community Summary and the draft Strategy

>> How you can get involved?

We checked back in with you for further comment before finalising the draft Strategy for Council endorsement.

Thank you for having your say on the draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy by 5pm on Monday 16 October 2023 by filling in the online submission form, emailing Council or chatting with the project team at pop-ups.

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