Draft Economic Development Strategy

Globally competitive, connected, and vibrant, Parramatta will champion local businesses, support our skilled community, and attract further investment. Our vision will create a strong, diverse and resilient economy.

The draft Economic Development Strategy replaces the Economic Development Plan 2017- 2021. Scroll down to discover our Economic Development Strategy’s five priority areas, ensuring people and businesses continue to thrive well into the future.

Why do we need an Economic Development Strategy?

Economic development ensures that job growth and business investment benefits our whole community. Council’s role is to facilitate economic development in Parramatta. This means it is our job to monitor economic changes over time, to recognise trends, and to identify new opportunities for the City and our community.

What you have told us so far?

We recognise the importance of involving our community in our planning and decision-making process. Community engagement has been at the core of the development of this draft Strategy.

Watch to learn about the areas you want us to address.

Our vision

To be the economic centre of Greater Sydney; globally competitive, connected, and vibrant.

Building on the long-term vision established by our Community Strategic Plan 2018-2038 (CSP) and further developed through consultation with our community and stakeholders, the draft Economic Development Strategy aims to deliver this vision.

By investing in Parramatta’s future, we can build a resilient and vibrant economy in our City.

Our priorities

For more detail on what actions we'll take to achieve this vision, see the Community Summary and the draft Strategy

>> Thank you for getting involved.

We checked back in with you for further comment before finalising the draft Strategy for Council endorsement.

Thank you for having your say on the draft Economic Development Strategy by 5pm on Monday 16 October 2023 by filling in the online submission form, emailing Council or chatting with the project team at pop-ups.

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