The Arthur Phillip Park Master Plan was adopted by Council 26 July 2021. The renewed master plan for Arthur Phillip Park will provide a long-term future vision and statutory requirement to fund new district level recreational facilities and amenities.

The master plan will be implemented across a number of stages. Planning, design and construction for Stage 1 of the master plan is kindly funded by the NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program.

View the master plan here and located in the resources section.

Arthur Phillip Park Upgrade (Stage 1)

Public spaces are the heart of our communities. The NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program is supporting councils to deliver more and better public spaces across the state.

The NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program has provided funding to commence planning and design for the upgrade of park facilities at Arthur Phillip Park (Redbank Road, Northmead) to improve the below areas:

  • New district playground (including inclusive accessible play, nature play space, half court basketball)
  • New picnic and BBQ areas, seating, water fountains, waste bins
  • New pathway lighting (preferably solar), bike parking
  • New landscaping and tree planting

Thank you to all those who provided feedback to inform the concept design!

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The findings from the final phase of community consultation (27 September to 22 October 2021) are consistent with the feedback collected from the initial 3 phases of consultation that informed the development of the Arthur Phillip Park Master Plan. You can view the consultation results and feedback in the resources section.

In early 2022, Council will complete detailed design and the due diligence requirements such as site investigations: site survey, arboriculture (tree) assessment, geotechnical (soil) assessment to inform project documentation. Environmental and Parramatta Traffic Committee approvals will be sought as part of this process.

Construction is anticipated to commence mid-2022, with estimated stage 1 master plan completion in late 2022.

Concept plan

Illustration is indicative only and subject to detailed design development.

Image description: birds eye view of the proposed upgrades as part of the Stage 1 renewal of Arthur Phillip Park.

Playground Plan

Illustration is indicative only and subject to detailed design development.

Image description: birds eye view of the illustrated proposed playground upgrades. Colourful and looks like lots of fun!

Council will use your feedback to finalise the park concept plan before progressing to detailed documentation, tender and construction (mid 2022).

If you have any questions, or you would you like further information in another language or format, please contact the Place Services Team via 1300 617 058 or email

Frequently asked questions

A Master Plan is a document which outlines the long-term vision for the development of an open space area. It aims at ensuring the site meets the needs of the community now and into the future.

Community feedback was critical to informing the development of the 2021 Arthur Phillip Park Master Plan. The renewed master plan was informed by three phases of community engagement:

  • Phase one – ideas: we want to know what is working and what can be improved to make Arthur Phillip Park safer, more inclusive and active for everyone. (This phase was completed on 4 February 2021)
  • Phase two – let's get designing: we will use your ideas and propose some potential activities, pathway, social and play space improvements for your consideration. (This phase was completed 10 May 2021)
  • Phase three – feedback: Public exhibition to seek community feedback and review the draft master plan (This phase completed 25 June 2021). View the adopted master plan and consultation report located in Resources Section.

Arthur Phillip Park features two sporting fields used by a variety of sporting clubs, schools and community groups. During winter field 1 is used for rugby league and soccer and field 2 rugby league. During summer the ground is used for cricket.

The park also includes aplayspace most suited for children up to 12 years of age. The playground is shaded by trees and features slides, climbing equipment, ropes, swings, monkey bars, spin pole, and novelty equipment.

Other features of the park include public toilets, outdoor exercise equipment, circuit track, drinking fountains, one third basketball court, picnic areas and barbecues and amenities building with change rooms and a small kiosk. There is also a Council-owned Childcare and parking spaces on-site.

A Master Plan for Arthur Phillip Park was previously completed in 2000 to help improve and define spaces across the park. In 2011, Coca Cola Amatil partially funded the construction of a new playground, a circuit pathway, sports field irrigation and minor park improvements across the site.

Council is undertaking a renewal of the Arthur Phillip Park Master Plan to investigate ways the park can continue to meet the needs of the growing community and respond to issues impacting the park’s current management. The renewed Master Plan will be a strategic document to guide improvements over the next 10-15 years.

The renewed 2021 Arthur Phillip Park Master Plan identifies future requirements to support the growing Northmead community and provides a long term vision and statutory requirement to fund new recreational facilities and amenities at Arthur Phillip Park.

A staging plan is included in the final master plan following confirmation of funding from the NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program 2020-22 to implement Stage 1. Stage 2 of the master plan will be funded by future s7.11 development contributions.

Stage 1 (2021/2022) includes the below provisions:

  • New district playground ( including inclusive accessible play, nature play space, ½ court basketball)
  • New picnic and BBQ areas, seating, water fountains, waste bins
  • New pathway lighting (preferably solar), bike parking
  • New landscaping and tree planting

Stage 2 (2025 onwards, subject to s7.11 funding availability)

  • Design and construct a water play facility
  • Upgrade the existing sports field
  • Improve park connectivity/ parking where relevant.

Council will seek to secure funding for Stage 2 of the master plan from Section 7.11 Development Contributions Plan and relevant state and federal government grants.

Visit the below locations to view a hardcopy draft masterplan report

  • City of Parramatta Library, 1–3 Fitzwilliam Street, Parramatta
  • Council’s Customer Service Centre, 126 Church Street, Parramatta
  • Constitution Hill Branch Library, Hollis Street, Constitution Hill

Council has closed a number of its indoor facilities to adhere to COVID 19 health orders. Please check the facilities and services section of our COVID 19 response webpage to confirm that the above locations are open to the public.


Water play is identified in the adopted masterplan. The existing playground will be upgraded initially to form a district level play space with accessible play opportunities for a broad range of age groups. Stage 1 of the playground upgrade will include a large nature play area. This space will provide opportunities for children to engage with natural materials such as logs, balance beams, steppers, climbable boulders and cubby house structures.

As additional funding becomes available, council will seek to decommission the nature play area and replace with waterplay.

Council conducted 3 phases of community consultation to inform the draft master plan.

Phase 1 consultation was conducted 7 December 2020 to 4 February 2021. A total of 413 responses were received. Phase 1 consultation aimed to capture the current and future social and recreational requirements and community sentiments for open space at Arthur Phillip Park. See resources section for full report.

Phase 2 consultation was conducted from 19 April to 10 May 2021. A total of 352 responses were received. Phase 2 consultation provided a deeper understanding of the park functionality to explore how people interacted with the 4 key spaces within the park: play spaces, walking loop, social spaces and park activities. The consultation identified a number of opportunities for the improvement and embellishment of the circuit path through the addition of more substantial offerings of outdoor fitness equipment, furniture and picnic settings, as well as additional shade trees and other fixtures such as drinking fountains and bins to provide improved public amenity.

See resources section for full report.

Phase 3 consultation (public exhibition of the draft masterplan) was conducted from 31 May to 25 June 2021. A total of 29 responses were received during public exhibition of the draft master plan. 97% of respondents were in support of the master plan. See resources section for the full consultation results.

The existing car parking arrangement will be improved through the provision of clear line marking and the removal of timber bollards from existing parking spaces to ensure that the available space is utilised as efficiently as possible. This will result in a small increase in available parking spaces around the park.

Over the longer term, particularly with the introduction of water play facility, Council will also investigate timed parking of 2 to 3 hours along Park Street to better facilitate a turnover of parking that is appropriate to the parks function as a sporting field and as a future district playground.

Timed parking will not be introduced without further community consultation.

Car parking studies were conducted on Thursday 11 March 2021 (7.00 to 18:00) and on Saturday, 13 March 2021 (8.00 to 17:00) to understand the existing car parking capacity at Arthur Phillip Park.

The busiest car parking times were predicted for Saturday winter season sporting events. A car parking study was scheduled to take place in June 2021, however the Queen’s Birthday weekend (12 June 2021), cancelled sports games from wet weather (19 June 2021) and COVID 19 restrictions enacted 26 June 2021 has delayed the study going ahead. A winter season car parking study will be rescheduled upon the easing of COVID 19 restrictions and return of community sports. The results of subsequent car parking studies will be published to the resources section.