Planning Proposal, Draft Site-Specific Development Control Plan and Draft Planning Agreement

The Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal LEP Amendment came into effect on the 14 October 2022. The amendment permitted higher density development for land 8-14 Great Western Highway, Parramatta.

The City of Parramatta publicly exhibited the Planning Proposal, with its respective draft site-specific DCP and draft Planning Agreement, for land at 8-14 Great Western Highway, Parramatta in September 2021.

On 11 April 2022, Council resolved to endorse the draft Development Control Plan (DCP) and to not proceed with the draft Planning Agreement. The decision of Council also noted the Gateway alteration issued by the (then) Department of Planning, Industry and Environment on 28 October 2021 determining that the Planning Proposal should not proceed on the basis that the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal is a more efficient way of achieving the objectives of the site-specific Planning Proposal. Council is therefore no longer required or able to consider the Planning Proposal further.

The site-specific DCP provides detailed built form controls relating to building setbacks, podium height, street wall design, heritage, access and parking and landscaping. Council endorsed a minor amendment to the exhibited DCP prior to its finalisation relating to the wording of the relevant Australian Standard for driveway access.

The site-specific DCP will come into effect on the date that the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal is published on the NSW Legislation website and comes into force and be incorporated into Part 6 City Centre controls of the Parramatta DCP 2011. The Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal proposes to amend the controls on the site to permit a building on the site with a maximum height of RL 243 metres (including all bonuses) and floor space ratio of 15:1 including all bonuses with potential for additional commercial floor space not exceeding the height control.

To access the Council report and subsequent Minutes (refer to Item 13.4), please go to:

Minutes of Council - Monday, 11 April 2022 (

Agenda of Council - Monday, 11 April 2022 (

This Planning Proposal seeks to amend the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011 (PLEP 2011) by:

  • Increasing the maximum floor space ratio (FSR) from 3.5:1 to 10:1 (15:1 when including the 15% design excellence bonus, 5% high performing buildings and opportunity sites bonuses and 16.42:1 when including the unlimited commercial floor space bonus).
  • Increasing the maximum Height of Buildings control from 28 metres to RL 211 metres (RL 243 metres when including the 15% design excellence bonus).
  • Inserting the following site-specific provisions:
    • Applying maximum car parking rates per the endorsed Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal;
    • Requiring a minimum 1:1 commercial floor space to be provided on the site;
    • Allowing an additional 5% floor-space ratio bonus provided high performing building standards are met;
    • Allowing an additional 3:1 floor-space ratio if the development demonstrates it meets the ‘opportunity site’ criteria; and
    • Allowing for an unlimited additional commercial floor-space ratio above the mapped floor-space ratio control (subject to the limits set by the height control).

The draft site-specific DCP proposes detailed guidelines on building setbacks, built form, design, massing, heritage interface and vehicular access. This will be included as part of Parramatta DCP 2011 which can be accessed via Council’s website or at Council’s Customer Contact Centre.

Council has been authorised as the local plan-making authority as confirmed in the Gateway Determination.

Update: Council has resolved to not proceed with the draft Planning Agreement in light of the alternative approach to infrastructure funding endorsed by Council under the draft Parramatta CBD Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan.

Council has negotiated a Draft Planning Agreement with the property owners to enable Council to receive a monetary contribution of $5,010,600 which will be used towards community infrastructure within the Paramatta Central Business District.

More information is available in the Draft Planning Agreement and Explanatory Note.

Community Engagement

Public exhibition closed at 5pm on Friday 20 August 2021. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

If you need have any questions, please contact Felicity Roberts - Project Officer (City Planning and Design) on 02 9806 5710 or via