Draft Parramatta 2050

By 2050, Parramatta will be a city of more than 500,000 people in the geographic heart of Greater Sydney and more people will be living west of Parramatta than to its east. To chart a course for Parramatta’s continued transformation into a global city, the City of Parramatta has prepared draft Parramatta 2050.

Draft Parramatta 2050 is the City of Parramatta’s long term strategic vision which leverages the city’s key assets and outlines the big opportunities for Parramatta now and into the future.

Figure 1:Global Parramatta's districts (Indicative only)

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In mid-2024, Council invited you to have your say on draft Parramatta 2050, our long-term strategic vision that positions Parramatta as a vibrant hub delivering exciting opportunities for generations to come!

You can learn more about draft Parramatta 2050 by reading through the community summary (also available in Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Hindi and Korean) and frequently asked questions (scroll down the page).

Submissions were welcome until 5pm on Friday 19 July 2024.

Next steps

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback.

Council officers are now reviewing all submissions and will make changes as required to draft Parramatta 2050, ahead of preparing a report for the Monday 12 August 2024 City of Parramatta Council Meeting seeking adoption of draft Parramatta 2050

Council will also shortly commence a review of its Community Strategic Plan. Council’s Community Strategic Plan will help to translate the draft Parramatta 2050 vision into local priorities and outcomes for the community. Where we cannot incorporate feedback into draft Parramatta 2050, we will ensure that it is used to inform the review of the Community Strategic Plan.

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