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Lomond Centre Shops upgrade

City of Parramatta Council values ongoing feedback from the community, and as such we would like to know what you thought about recent upgrades to the Lomond Centre Shops in Winston Hills.

Before you have your say, check out some of the before and after pictures below to see how the shops have been upgraded!

Before and after pictures

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Have your say!

  • Are you happy with the upgrades?
  • Are the upgrades what you expected?
  • Do you feel that Council listened to community feedback?

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Supply of personal information: Further information is provided in the City of Parramatta's Privacy Statement.

Please note: City of Parramatta Council does not control the lease arrangements of privately owned shopping centres; this is managed by various real estate agents and also the owners of the shops. Council maintains and upgrades the public domain which encompasses the space in front and surrounding shopping centres.

Community engagement

In late 2021, The City of Parramatta completed upgrades at the Lomond Centre Shops in Winston Hills as part of our long-running Better Neighbourhood Program (BNP).

During November 2020, we sought your feedback on what improvements could be made to the public spaces surrounding this local centre. Council reviewed all submissions and worked closely with key stakeholders to develop a Draft Concept Plan for the Lomond Centre Shops which reflected the feedback that we received. Check out the ideas we received in the 'post-it note' section at the bottom of this page!

In early 2021, we checked in with you to see what you thought about the Draft Concept Plan. Feedback on the Draft Concept Plan closed at 9am on Tuesday 6 April 2021.

Thank you for your comments and feedback. The Draft Concept Plan remained unchanged and the plan presented was taken forward as the Final Concept Plan.

Please note that The City of Parramatta does not manage the tenants that occupy the shops, however Council has strongly advocated to the managing agent, the community’s feedback in wanting a Café/coffee offering at this local centre.

Please check out the Final Concept Plan below, as well as the design principles and examples in the resources section.

Concept plan

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Stage one ideas!

22 November, 2020

Karen says:

The bank at corner of Jasons could have trees and screens to make it nice to sit and relax with a nice outlook.

18 November, 2020

Rach says:

Seating for walkers with dog water facilities, play garden sensory for little kids

17 November, 2020

Doreen says:

Updating Jason's to include a decent coffee, cakes, sandwiches/pies etc. Covered/shaded seating area would be great. Tax Agent should go.

16 November, 2020

Kassandra says:

A little cafe or patesserie would be perfect with a few outdoor seating options.

16 November, 2020

Jax says:

Better use of outdoor area so there is somewhere to sit to eat pizza or ice cream. Clean up the back area.

14 November, 2020

Sarean. says:

Clean up the south side of the shops. Tall grasses have become a grave site for feral cats and there dead mice. Sometimes you can smell it.

12 November, 2020

Phillip says:

Shade-sail or shade trees and good coffee/patisserie cafe would be great.

11 November, 2020

Neil says:

Some tables, seating & shade similar to what has been done recently to the Bellotti Avenue shops. Plant more trees. Beautify the area.

10 November, 2020

Yvette Goodall says:

Bakery/coffee outdoor seating with umbrellas/shade sails/trees for shade

9 November, 2020

Elise says:

- community herb beds - dog hooks - cafe/bakery - additional seating - shade sails or trees

8 November, 2020

David S says:

Landlord sets tennant mix.Upgrade of food/drink seating facilities may lead to tennant change. Public toilets will help the change

8 November, 2020

Gwen says:

Could the Pizza shop diversify and open during the daytime as a coffee/cake shop? Outdoor covered seating would be great then.

Frequently asked questions

The Better Neighbourhood Program (BNP) is a long-running and successful Council program that focuses on the capital upgrades of local centres outside of the Parramatta CBD. The BNP commenced in 1999 and delivers improvements to centres with the goal of enhancing safety, vitality and economic prosperity.

Between 2011 and 2019, Council invested $11,761,333 in BNP projects, which consisted primarily of:

  • Capital upgrades to local, town and neighbourhood centres. Examples of projects delivered include streetscape upgrades at Carmen Drive, Ventura Road, The Chisholm Centre, Carlingford and Lawndale Road Shops.
  • Connecting Centres to improve access to local centres and neighbourhoods.
  • Complementary public domain improvements.

A total of $3,200,000 has been allocated to the BNP over the next two financial years. This includes $620,000 in FY 2019/20 and $2,580,000 in FY 2020/21. The funding allocation is larger in the second year to allow for detailed design and construction processes to be completed in FY 2020/21.

Centres Review Link

The Lomond Centre Shops is primarily privately owned (approximately 90% of the land area).

As the Better Neighbourhood Program seeks to upgrade public places and spaces, this upgrade will focus on items including the garden beds and access to the shops which are primarily located in the Council owned area.

The Coral Trees will be removed and replaced with deciduous trees. Two of the same species of deciduous trees will also be planted at the front of the shops.

Coral Trees have been identified as a weed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. For more information, visit