This project has been completed!

Council has recently finalised construction of the Doyle Ground playground upgrade.

The design for the playground at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta seeks to provide a space with something for all ages, with a particular focus on ensuring that we provide play elements which will provide a challenge to older children. In March 2021, we sought your feedback on four potential play equipment proposals to help us in completing the design.

The upgraded playground is set to become a fantastic attraction within Doyle Ground, which already offers a circuit path, outdoor gym equipment and plenty of seating. The upgraded playground is set in the same location as the existing equipment, which is within walking distance to some great local cafes and is positioned in a well-shaded setting with mature trees and a large shade canopy ensuring that the play space does not get too hot in summer.

The new look!

Our approach to the upgrade of the playground at Doyle Ground has been largely informed by consultation work completed as part of the ‘Heart of Play’ project. The Heart of Play master planning process provides the blueprint for an outdoor sporting and recreation network across seven open spaces in North Parramatta. We have also reviewed the ‘City of Parramatta Community Infrastructure Strategy’ to identify a few different ways in which Doyle Ground Playground can help to address some of the shortcomings in our current play offering across North Parramatta and the broader LGA.

Both the Heart of Play project and Community Infrastructure Strategy have identified ‘play for older children’ as being a key area which could use considerable improvement. With this in mind, we are seeking to provide a play experience that the whole family can enjoy.

The playground upgrade will include a triple swing, complete with a basket swing, as well as two climbing structures. One of the climbing structures is designed to present a challenging play experience for older children. The second climbing structure is designed to be fun and approachable for younger kids.

In addition to all the climbing, we have also included a nature play area, made up of balancing beams, rocks and climbing posts, in amongst planting and beneath the shade of an existing tree.

The design also ensures that parents and carers can enjoy the new playground, with a number of seating opportunities, including timber bench seats and picnic tables also set in amongst the action.

The much-loved shade sail and perimeter fence will be retained as part of the new design!

Community engagement - What did we hear?

In March 2021, Council sought community feedback on a preferred choice for the upgraded play equipment at Doyle Ground. Throughout the community engagement period, 164 submissions were made via the online survey. Thank you to everyone that had their say!

Playground option three was most preferred, receiving a score of 82%, followed next by option four which scored 74%. In relation to the provision of seating, 53% of respondents did not think enough seating was provided in the proposed designs.

Responding to community feedback, Council will be moving forward with the construction of playground option three, while further seating will be provided in the form of a back/arm rest addition to the seating wall, with the seating next to the swings also changed to allow users to face either direction.

Please note that with all playground upgrades, City of Parramatta aims to make every playground unique to the surrounding area and to avoid duplicating the experience provided at nearby playgrounds. We are also guided by the Community Infrastructure Strategy which sets out expectations for playground upgrades. Doyle Ground playground is currently categorised as a local play space, targeted to 0-12-year-old children, with skills-based components.

Playground options

Click on each of the images below to make them larger and check out the four options in more detail!

Frequently asked questions

Yes! The existing shade sail will be retained and will cover the upgraded playground.

Yes! A new fence will be installed around the perimeter of the upgraded playground. The fence will have two gated entry points.

As part of the design, the existing swing set will be removed and replaced by a new triple swing which will sit inside the fenced perimeter of the playground. As a result of this relocation, one small tree will be removed. We will be offsetting this with the installation of at least two new trees, which will be installed as mature stock. Additional mass planting and shrubbery will also be installed as part of the upgrade.

No. The budget allocated to this playground upgrade will not allow for water play to be considered as part of this design. Water play is typically reserved for larger district sized playgrounds. Council is currently considering other potential locations for water play playgrounds.

Neither of these elements have been included in the design. The playground does include play offerings targeted at younger and older age groups and a broad selection of activities. This approach has been informed by the City of Parramatta’s Community Infrastructure Strategy, which is available to view online.

Doyle Ground has a separate offering of outdoor exercise equipment. Any additions or upgrades to this equipment would need to be considered as part of a future project.

Yes, the playground will include new bench seats and picnic tables.

Yes, the existing bin and bubbler will both be upgraded as part of the upgrade.

The play surface surrounding the upgraded play equipment will be a rubber impact attenuation surfacing (designed to reduce the impact of a fall). In other areas and surrounding the nature play area, a layer of wood chip mulch will be installed. We are actively seeking to reduce the amount of concrete and rubber surfacing in new playground to reduce the impacts of reflective heat.