Community Satisfaction Survey

The Community Satisfaction Survey (or Com Sat for short) is an annual survey where we invite all residents to tell us how satisfied they are with a range of Council services and facilities.

Council is committed to continuously improving our performance and services – we use the results of this annual survey to make improvements where necessary.

The survey was open until Thursday 30 November 2023.

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Each year we survey residents to understand how satisfied they are with Council’s performance across 4 key categories.


>  Council is genuine about listening

>  The opportunity to have your say

>  Information on developments near me

>  Information on Council initiatives

>  Information on things to see and do

>  Ease of interactions with Council


>  Cleanliness of streets, parks, creeks etc.

>  Recycling efforts

>  Planting of trees

>  Food inspections

>  Availability of parks, bushland or other green spaces

>  Development application process


>  Sustainable transport options

>  Library services, public spaces and aquatic centres

>  Parramatta Artists's Studios and Riverside Theatres

>  Maintenance of parks, gardens, sporting fields, halls

>  Quality of playground and child-care...


>  Local roads and footpaths

>  Cycleways

>  Carparks and parking

>  Local traffic management

>  Waste collection services

>  Council run events and festivals

>  Provision of lighting in your local area

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