The new Buruwang Park Playground is now open!

Council has completed upgrading the Buruwang Park playground in Newington. The upgrade includes:

  • New play structures with more challenging elements for children aged 7 -12 years
  • The addition of a swing
  • New softfall rubber
  • Two new bench seats
  • Additional shade tree planting
  • An upgraded bin
  • Installation of a bubbler
  • Retention of the existing sandstone wall
  • New pathways
  • New sign

Check out the upgraded playground in the picture below!

Photo of upgraded playground at Buruwang Park


Community engagement

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback during the community engagement period for the proposed upgrades to Buruwang Park Playground throughout early February 2021. We received 143 submissions via the online survey.

The Draft Concept Plan was very well received, with 75% of respondents indicating their support for the proposal. When it came to selecting the preferred playground design from the four options presented, it was clear that Option 3 was most favoured, with 59% of respondents selecting this option.

Community members were also provided an opportunity to give additional feedback on the proposed options and the playground more generally. Seventy-six respondents chose to provide additional comments.

A number of comments were made in relation to the appropriateness of the designs for older children (aged 7-12) and the need to include more equipment for children in this age bracket. Several comments also came through indicating that there was minimal support for some of the imaginative play elements initially proposed for younger children (e.g. the mushroom table picnic setting).

Council listened to this feedback and reviewed the designs in line with our endorsed Community Infrastructure Strategy which sets out what types of play equipment are suitable for different age groupings of children.

The different climbing elements presented in Option 3 were determined to be suitable for children aged 7-12, however to help make this playground option more appealing to children in this age bracket and address community feedback, Council worked closely with the playground equipment provider on an updated design.

The following changes to Option 3 were made:

  • Removal of the mushroom picnic setting
  • Adding in monkey bars to extend the challenge for 7-12 year old children
  • Adding in gym/chin up bars to extend the challenge for 7-12 year old children

Please check out the revised design in the resources section of this page.

To learn more about how we engaged the community on this project, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently asked questions

Council conducted online engagement over a two-week period, commencing on Monday 1 February 2021 and concluding on Monday 15 February 2021.

The engagement opportunity was promoted to the community using a number of methods as detailed below:

  • Two ‘Have Your Say’ signs notifying the community about the engagement opportunity were installed in Buruwang Park at the start of the consultation period – one in the playground, and one at street level on Newington Boulevard. The signs remained in place throughout the consultation period.
  • Local residents were notified of the engagement opportunity at the start of the consultation period via a mail-out targeted to homes clustered around Buruwang Park within approximately a 250-metre radius.
  • On Monday 1 February 2021, a post was placed on the Participate Parramatta Facebook page providing notification of the engagement opportunity. The Participate Parramatta Facebook page has a following of approximately 7,000 people. The post concerning the Buruwang Park Playground upgrade reached 915 people.
  • An email was sent to the Participate Parramatta Online Community Panel on Monday 1 February 2021 notifying all 10,247 panel members of the engagement opportunity.

Consultation for future playground upgrades will provide two stages of engagement for community members to provide feedback. The first stage of consultation will allow community members to provide input on the look, feel and function of the playground, while a second stage of consultation will be used to check-in and ensure Council has accurately represented community expectations for the playground in the draft designs.

Council would also like to acknowledge that while we may receive several suggestions for improvements that would be of benefit to the community, not all of these will be financially feasible given the available budget, nor will they necessarily be possible given that Council must also consider other previously endorsed strategies and policies that guide what needs to be delivered.

No shade sails are planned for this playground as there is plenty of natural shade that already provides a good level of protection from the sun.

No fence will be provided as the existing retaining wall between the playground and Newington Boulevard creates an effective barrier. Any money spent on fencing would be subtracted from the overall budget which would mean less money for playground equipment. Fences are therefore only included in local playgrounds when necessary.

The addition of a swing will require the removal of four small Melaleuca trees (in the location of the proposed swing). The playground is however already heavily shaded and the loss of these small trees will not impact shade.

All trees removed will be replaced elsewhere in Buruwang Park where space allows.

The two garden bed areas will frame the swings on either side and the two trees south of the swings will be retained. An additional tree will be planted at the other end of the swing.

No water play is planned for this playground as it is only to be installed in specially considered locations and is too expensive to install and maintain under a Local Playground budget.

No trampolines or flying foxes are planned for this playground as these items are too expensive to be funded under a Local Playground budget.

Outdoor exercise equipment is not designed for children and cannot be included in playgrounds. The budget has been specifically allocated to upgrade the playground and does not allow for additional items in the park.

Yes, the playground will include two new seats.

Yes, the existing bin will be upgraded, and a bubbler will be installed.

The play surface around the play equipment will be made from a coloured porous rubber.