The City of Parramatta Council invited the Wentworth Point community to inform the development of a Place Plan for the suburb.

The Place Plan will establish a vision for Wentworth Point and set objectives and actions to help ensure that Wentworth Point is a liveable, sustainable and thriving community into the future.

Community engagement

During October 2021, Council conducted a survey to hear about the concerns and issues the community would like to see addressed within the Place Plan.

During April 2022, randomly selected, demographically representative community members living in Wentworth Point served as a ‘People’s Panel’ to deliberate on the outcomes of the visioning activity below, and to provide input on community recommendations for the Place Plan.

The selection process was out-sourced to a third-party organisation to ensure recruitment of group members was independent of Council involvement.

Next steps

The City of Parramatta website will provide updates and information on the Wentworth Point Place Plan and other planning matters HERE.

What would you like Wentworth Point to be like in the future?

23 March, 2022

Sam says:

Fix the intersection of hill road and bennelong. Construct the peninsular park already. Upgrade bridge on bennelong pkw for path both side

21 March, 2022

Robert says:

I’d like traffic on Hill Road to be slowed for pedestrians. I’d like more frequent public buses. Buildings on foreshore should be low scale.

18 March, 2022

Rolly says:

Improved public transport? Review existing traffic bottlenecks to Parramatta Rd? Green space? Roof over high traffic footpaths e.g. bridge?

13 March, 2022

PARK says:

No more 50 stories or high rises apartments. Keep your promise to build the park and water views. Already suffering from parking & traffic j

13 March, 2022

Jerry says:

No 50, no 40 storey high rise. No population. Safe roads, parks and more green spaces are important.

11 March, 2022

EvoKer says:

Thanks for ur hard work. I and my friends here are sooo hoping to have a free tennis court~! Everyone please like this idea hhhh !

10 March, 2022

Kim says:

No more high-rise apartments! The area is already overpopulated. It will only cause endless problems if we have a 50-story apartment

10 March, 2022

Marty says:

Can we have the Peninsular Park completed? We need green spaces, even more than new schools. Please keep the original plan and bring us park

10 March, 2022

Frank says:

No more high rises-ban the 50 stories high rise! Keep your promises and complete the Peninsular Park. We need parks, not new buildings

9 March, 2022

rc says:

No 50 storey high rise. Sufficient infrastructure to support a burgeoning population. Safe roads, parks and more green spaces.

9 March, 2022

Rc says:

Sufficient community infrastructure to support our burgeoning population. No 50 storey high rises. Safe roads, parks, more green spaces.

9 March, 2022

We says:

outdoor children playground highly demanding. Hill Rd: Lights Bennelong Pkwy, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings

Frequently asked questions

Place Plans identify and prioritise the needs of an area, including infrastructure requirements, amenities, and open space requirements. They establish a vision for a place and set objectives and actions to ensure that it is sustainable and can thrive into the future.

The Wentworth Point Place Plan will guide advocacy and future funding opportunities. It will also connect Council’s Community Infrastructure Strategy and Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

For reference, an example of a recently developed draft Place Plan for Granville is available here.

Place Plans provide strategic guidance to Council when making decisions that affect a current or future community. Place Plans provide background analysis to inform a future vision and to guide decision making. They help prioritise actions to better manage resources and funding, and enable Council to provide a coordinated response.

The City of Parramatta has limited opportunities to have a direct impact on infrastructure within Wentworth Point. The only Council owned assets on the peninsula are Hill Road, Bennelong Parkway and the Wentworth Point Community Centre and Library. The remainder of the suburb is located on private title within community associations or owned by various state government departments. As a result, in most instance, Council’s role is to influence and advocate.

The Wentworth Point Place Plan will be developed with significant input from the community. Council will work with local residents and key stakeholder groups to identify issues and concerns, and come up with a vision, objectives and list of achievable actions.

The Place Plan will also incorporate:

  • existing data such as demographic and economic data
  • landmark mapping
  • investigations into history and heritage
  • consideration for broader Council strategies and documents

As a final step, the Draft Wentworth Point Place Plan will be put on public exhibition and then presented to Council for endorsement.

Council recognises that there is a large Mandarin and Cantonese speaking population in Wentworth Point. To accommodate for this group, all resources will be translated into Simplified Chinese; should there be sufficient need, a translator will also be present during the webinar and people's panel sessions.

If there is a significant need to translate resources into one or more other community languages, then Council will ensure that appropriate translations are provided.

In 2016, City of Parramatta Council amalgamated with other Councils across Western Sydney, taking in parts of the former Auburn Council; this included the suburb of Wentworth Point. From 2016, City of Parramatta Council continued to host Wentworth Point Working Groups in alignment with the former Auburn Council, to provide a level of harmony in the delivery of services post amalgamation.

As of 26 November 2019, Council held the last ‘Council-hosted’ working group meeting for Wentworth Point, and after significant consideration, on 2 October 2020, the Wentworth Point Working Group Meetings were formally removed from Council’s meeting register.

It was determined that Council already has an established consultation process that the Wentworth Point community was also able to access.

Translated materials and accessibility

If you need assistance, or you would you like information supplied in another language or format, please contact the Place Services team via 1300 617 058 or

If you would like to speak to someone over the phone in another language, call TIS National on 131 450 for a free interpreting service. Let them know you want to speak to City of Parramatta Council and your chosen language and they will connect you.