In partnership with Transport for NSW, City of Parramatta Council is proposing to install 60° angled commuter car parking spaces and a new footpath on the south side of Wentworth Avenue west of Railway Street, Wentworthville.

The purpose of the proposal is to provide an additional 15 unrestricted parking spaces in the street.

Please note that the existing parallel parking spaces on the north side of Wentworth Avenue will remain unchanged.

Project update

City of Parramatta Council previously consulted with residents and businesses regarding a proposal to install angled parking spaces in Wentworth Avenue, Wentworthville. Council received eight (8) responses, with six (6) agreeing and two (2) providing a neutral response.

To ensure input from key transport authorities, this matter was considered by members of the Parramatta Traffic Committee, which includes representatives from the Police, Transport for NSW (TfNSW), Public Transport providers and City of Parramatta’s Traffic and Transport Services Unit.

As a result of the Committee members’ deliberation, it was resolved:

That Council install 32 x 60 degree angle car parking spaces including two accessible spaces with associated signs, linemarkings, shared space and bollard on the south side of Wentworth Avenue west of Railway Street, Wentworthville as shown in the attached plan.

The purpose of the proposal is to increase the number of unrestricted car parking spaces near Wentworthville Railway Station. This project is 100% funded by Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

The approved works are expected to be completed by July 2022.

Frequently asked questions

New standards for on street parking were recently released by Standards Australia in 2020. As a result, Transport for NSW together with Council carried out investigations to review the existing parking arrangements in Wentworth Avenue, Wentworthville as this street has low-speeds, low-traffic volumes and is within easy walking distance of Wentworthville Station.

An opportunity was identified to increase the number of on street parking spaces in Wentworth Avenue by installing angled parking on one side of the road while still retaining the parallel kerbside parking on the other side. These additional spaces will provide more opportunities for commuters to find parking within easy walking distance of Wentworthville Station.

The existing trees and vegetation between the railway corridor fence and the southern kerb line of Wentworth Avenue is to be removed for the installation of a new footpath at the new angled car parking spaces to provide safe pedestrian circulation.

The Parramatta Traffic Committee under Delegated Authority will consider responses to this consultation prior to determining the matter.

Should the proposal be approved, Council will commence construction in the first half of 2022.

The purpose of the proposal is to create additional parking spaces for commuters to use when travelling via train at Wentworthville Station.

As such, this proposal does not involve introduction of time restricted parking spaces.


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