Smart City Strategy

Thank you for telling us what innovations you want to see around Parramatta to improve our quality of life!

The City of Parramatta is going through unprecedented change and transformation. This presents an opportunity to use rapidly evolving technology to deliver improvements to our lives.

Council has been working on transforming Parramatta into a ‘Smart City’ since 2009, creating new solutions to address challenges such as flooding, urban heat, and impacts of development. In 2015, Council developed aSmart City Masterplanwith a vision that:

“Parramatta will be a Smart City that leverages the foundations of good urban planning, transparent governance, open data and enabling technologies that will underpin our position as a vibrant, people centric, connected and economically prosperous city.”

Example of Smart Technology in Parramatta

Digitising our heritage

Using cutting-edge technology, heritage items from the City’s collection, and the collections of heritage partners, have been digitally scanned in 3-dimensions (3D). You can now explore and play around with these items in the convenience of your own home!


Parramatta Parking Finder

Parking Finder works in ‘real time’, and will let you know the best place to park - you just type in the name of the business you’re visiting or an address.

Melrose Park: Smart Planning for Climate Responsive Neighbourhoods

This project uses smart technology to capture, analyse and visualise local environmental data.

Approximately 70 environmental sensors have been installed to monitor conditions including temperature, humidity, air quality, noise and stormwater.