In mid 2021, City of Parramatta Council consulted with the community regarding a proposal to install 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area and associated speed cushions in the Newington Retail Precinct.

The consultation responses were received and taken into consideration. The Parramatta Traffic Committee at its meeting held on 20 October 2021 considered a report on this matter. Council at its meeting held on 22 November 2021 considered the Committee’s recommendation and resolved:

  1. That the information related to the installation of a ‘40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area (HPAA)’ restriction in the locations indicated in Figure 1 in Newington in 2020/21 be received and noted.
  2. That speed cushions be installed in the following locations as part of the installation of ‘40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area’ restrictions:
    1. Avenue of Oceania between Newington Boulevard and Avenue of Europe (2 locations)
    2. Avenue of Europe near Avenue of Oceania (2 locations)
    3. Avenue of the Americas between Avenue of Asia and Fariola Street (3 locations)

The anticipated timeframe for the installation of the speed cushions is March 2022.

The anticipated timeframe for the installation of 40km/h HPAA restriction is between April to June 2022. Speed limits are under the care and control of Transport for NSW (TfNSW). Accordingly, TfNSW will organise the installation of HPAA signs and pavement markings.

The community will be notified at least 2 weeks prior to the change of the speed limit restriction.

Frequently asked questions

The 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Area (HPAA) are sections of road where there is high interaction between vehicles and pedestrians (often located near shopping precincts, bus and railway interchanges or health precincts).

The maximum speed limit in these areas is 40km/h at all times and is installed with supportive signage, road markings and traffic calming (where required) to alert motorists to high pedestrian activity.

The 40 km/h HPAA zones are part of a NSW government initiative to create a safer environment for all road users, particularly pedestrians. Council in partnership with TfNSW, design and implement HPAA schemes in accordance with TfNSW guidelines for 40km/h zones.

Vehicle speed is a major factor in pedestrian injuries and fatalities, especially in areas that have a high number of pedestrians.

Managing speed, in accordance with safe system principles, is a key component in managing pedestrian safety.

Research and scientific analysis show that a pedestrian hit by a car travelling at 40km/h has twice the chance of surviving the collision than if the car was travelling at 50km/h speed.

Travelling speeds higher than 40km/h greatly increases the risk of injury and death to pedestrians.

These locations have been selected as they are high pedestrian activity areas within the Newington retail precinct and provide access to industrial and high-density residential developments.

There is also a history of pedestrian injury accidents at these locations.

In accordance with TfNSW guidelines for 40km/h zones, there are two main requirements for the installation of a HPAA restriction. These requirements are:

  • speed of traffic is to be around 40km/h; and
  • if required, traffic calming measures are to be installed to support the 40km/h limit

Despite the vehicle speeds being less than 40km/h based on the July 2018 vehicle speed and volume count survey, there were 5 injury accidents during the 5-year period between July 2014 and June 2020 in the streets where the 40km/h HPAA restrictions are being put in place. Three of these accidents involved pedestrians crossing the road.

Therefore, to further reduce vehicle speeds and improve pedestrian safety, speed cushions are being installed at strategic locations such as at crash locations and near pedestrian crossings.

Council at its meeting on the 26th April 2021 resolved to undertake further consultations with the community on the proposal.