The new Melbourne Road Reserve Playground is now open!

Council has completed upgrading the Melbourne Road Reserve playground located at the corner of Melbourne Road and Russell Avenue in Winston Hills.

In addition to replacing the various play structures, the upgrade also includes:

  • Replacement of the softfall mulch with wet pour rubber
  • Two new seats
  • Removal of the raised timber edge that surrounded the playground
  • Retention of all existing trees and garden beds

Check out the upgraded playground in the picture below!

Image of completed playground upgrade at Melbourne Road Reserve


Community engagement

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback in February 2021. We received 165 submissions via the online survey, with 44% of respondents selecting Option 8 as the most preferred playground design for the Melbourne Road Reserve playground.

Council would also like to acknowledge that while we may receive several suggestions for improvements that would be of benefit to the community, not all of these will be financially feasible given the available budget, nor will they necessarily be possible given that Council must also consider other previously endorsed strategies and policies that guide what needs to be delivered.

Council acknowledges the request for a fence to be installed at Melbourne Road Reserve, however under the current budget, a fence is not possible at this stage. The request for an enclosing fence has been added to the Parks Request List for future consideration.

Frequently asked questions

No shade sails are planned for this playground. Three new fast-growing shade trees were planted in 2020 to protect the playground from the north and north-east sun, while the playground is already protected from the west by the established bottlebrush trees and surrounding homes.

No fence will be provided. Any money spent on fencing would be subtracted from the overall budget which would mean less money for playground equipment. Fences are therefore only included in local playgrounds when necessary.

No trees will be removed.

No water play is planned for this playground as it is only to be installed in specially considered locations and is too expensive to install and maintain under a Pocket Park Playground budget.

No trampolines or flying foxes are planned for this playground as these items are too expensive to be funded under a Pocket Park Playground budget.

Outdoor exercise equipment is not designed for children and cannot be included in playgrounds. The budget has been specifically allocated to upgrade the playground and does not allow for additional items in the park.

Yes, the playground will include two new seats.

No bin or bubbler are planned to be installed as part of this upgrade.

The play surface around the play equipment will be made from a coloured porous rubber.