The City of Parramatta sought the community's feedback on amendments to the Councillors’ Expenses and Facilities Policy. These amendments were endorsed in November 2021 by Council.

These amendments were proposed to provide clarity to Councillors, staff and the community on the payment of expenses and provision of facilities to the Lord Mayor and Councillors of the City of Parramatta.

These updates will also ensure that the Policy is:

  • Fit for purpose and effectively supports Councillors in fulfilling their civic duties, in line with community expectations.
  • Improves the practical applications of the Policy.
  • Reflects key learnings gained from Councillors, Council officers and the community throughout the current Council term.
  • Remains up to date with regulations, policy benchmarking and advice received from the Office of Local Government.

A summary of the amendments to the policy and the full draft Councillors’ Expenses and Facilities Policy are available below and for download in the resources section.

If you need assistance or you would you like further information in another language or format, please contact Council's Executive Support Unit on 1300 617 058 or via