Please be advised that the Proposed Homebush Bay West Development Control Plan Amendment and draft Planning Agreement for Block H, Precinct B, 16 Burroway Road and part 5 Footbridge Boulevard, Wentworth Point was considered by Council at its meeting on 12 September 2022.

The report and the meeting’s minutes are available to view on Council’s website. The report for item 13.4 commences on page 216. The minutes for item 13.4 commence on page 17. A video recording of the 12 September 2022 Council Meeting is available to view here.

The Council resolved the following:

(a) That Council note the outcomes of the public exhibition for the proposed amendment to the Homebush Bay West Development Control Plan (DCP) and Planning Agreement for Block H, Precinct B, 16 Burroway Road and part 5 Footbridge Boulevard, Wentworth Point.

(b) That Council note the applicant has supplied an outline of a revised scheme that seeks to address concerns with the exhibited proposal.

(c) That Council note further information is required to support the consideration of the alternative scheme including:

  • A detailed planning report identifying the impacts of the changes included in the revised scheme compared to the exhibited proposal;
  • A comprehensive urban design report providing an analysis of context, view sharing, overshadowing, solar access and other relevant matters;
  • Draft DCP Amendment reflective of the revised scheme;
  • Technical reports that update material submitted with the exhibited proposal addressing:
    • Transport, traffic, parking and access
    • Open space/active recreation opportunities
    • Community facilities
    • Other supporting infrastructure needs
  • Any associated updates to the proposed Planning Agreement.

(d) Further, that Council request the applicant submits the additional information for the revised scheme, as noted in order that a report on the revised scheme can be made to Council to enable its consideration of the revised scheme for the purposes of public exhibition.

A rescission motion to rescind the above resolution (adopted at the 12 September Council Meeting) was considered by Council at its meeting on the 26 September. The rescission motion was lost.

Frequently asked questions (2020 Public Exhibition)

A development control plan, or DCP, gives guidance to development and normally supports the aims and objectives of a Local Environmental Plan (LEP). They provide detailed controls and standards for addressing development issues at a local level and cover various development types, including residential, commercial and industrial.

A consent authority, such as a Council, is required to take a DCP into consideration when determining a development application.

Under the current planning framework, the planning controls for the “Block H” site enforced by the Homebush Bay West DCP. Usually, a DCP is complementary to an LEP which provides the legislative planning controls such as building heights. However, the Homebush Bay West DCP is unique in that the planning controls are linked to Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No.24 – Homebush Bay Area (SREP 24).

The Sydney Regional Environmental Plan (SREP) is a State government endorsed plan which gives effect to planning controls within certain precincts. They are commonly known as a State Environmental Planning Policy, or SEPP. The relevant SREP for the “Block H” site is still in force so whilst it has the status of a SEPP, it is still referred to as SREP 24.

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is a local government endorsed plan which gives effect to planning controls within a particular local government area.

Both SREPs/SEPPs and LEPs have legislative weight, however, SREPs and SEPPs override LEPs.. In the case of “Block H”, because SREP 24 applies to this part of the precinct, it replaces the need for an LEP and also gives greater legislative control to the DCP. This is why the proposed changes to the planning controls are being made as part of a DCP amendment and not an LEP amendment via Planning Proposal, which is more common.

The Wentworth Point “Block H” DCP seeks to make amendments to the current Homebush Bay West DCP to allow a different built form on the site than what is currently permitted. The amendments being sought include proposed increases to the overall gross floor area (GFA) and increases to the maximum height of building (HOB) control permissible on the site. It also includes site specific controls for parking rates, wind management, public domain, open space, and environmentally sustainable development. The amendments are informed by the outcomes of the Phase 2 Design Excellence Competition that was undertaken on the site in late 2018.

If the proposed DCP amendments are approved, then an application to develop the site in accordance with the new controls would be able to be lodged. Council would need to consider the new controls for any future development application (DA) that may be lodged for the site. Any future DA lodged for the site would need to be consistent with these controls and any other relevant planning legislation.

Under the existing controls in the DCP, the site can achieve a maximum GFA of 29,743m2 and 25 storeys in height. In May 2018, Council resolved to endorse an increase in the maximum GFA on the site to 85,000m2 providing the State government commits to funding Sydney Metro West and Parramatta Light Rail (PLR) Stage 2 (or equivalent bus service) and that appropriate community infrastructure is provided. If these commitments are not made, then this GFA cannot be achieved.

As a result, there are two different development scenarios proposed to be included in the DCP. Both

Scenarios comprise of two towers.

Scenario 1 – the ‘lower’ option consists of a maximum GFA of 54,356m2 and 1 tower of up to 25 storeys (102m) and 1 tower of up to 40 storeys (165.45m)

Scenario 2 – the ‘higher’ option consists of 1 tower up to 40 storeys (165.45m) and 1 tower up to 50 storeys (190.65m)

Both scenarios include additional height for the purposes of architectural articulation (detail) which will not contain any residential floor space.

At this stage, the State Government has committed to delivering a Sydney Metro West station at Olympic Park but not the connecting Parramatta Light Rail (PLR) Stage 2 or equivalent bus service. Should no commitment be made to delivering PLR Stage 2 or an equivalent bus service then the maximum GFA for the “Block H” site would be limited to the ‘lower’ development option under Scenario 1. The ‘higher’ development option of Scenario 2 can only be achieved if Sydney Metro West and PLR Stage 2 or equivalent bus services can be delivered.

A voluntary planning agreement, or VPA, are legal documents created under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 between developers and government agencies for the provision of infrastructure or other public amenities. A VPA enables the opportunity for councils to negotiate much needed community facilities and infrastructure which could not be obtained through a development contributions plan. In this regard, VPAs are a more flexible mechanism to fund or deliver infrastructure in a timely manner.

The voluntary planning agreement is valued at over $70 million and includes the following community benefits:

  • Road infrastructure and intersection upgrades
  • Shuttle bus service
  • Child care centres
  • Funding for the library and community centre fit-out
  • Public open space and developed parklands
  • Delivery of either an indoor sports facility or water recreation facility

For more information on these items and when they will be delivered, refer to the exhibition material for the draft Planning Agreement and associated documentation.

Council, the developer and State Government acknowledge that traffic concerns are a key issue for the Wentworth Point community. Any final decision in relation to the proposed redevelopment on the Block H site must be supported by a transport strategy that is workable for the local community. This will be a key consideration of Council following the public exhibition and before a final decision on the proposed DCP changes is made.

As part of the public exhibition, Council is seeking specific feedback on whether the community would prefer an aquatic facility in Homebush Bay, indoor multipurpose courts or other recreation facility to be provided in the precinct. You can have your say by completing the quick survey on this page. The responses will be used to inform Council’s decision on which facility will be included in the Planning Agreement.

Yes. A Design Excellence Competition was conducted for this site and the outcomes have been used to inform the proposed changes to the DCP. Further background information on the Competition process can be found in the Design Excellence Competition Jury Report which is available to view within the Supporting Material section on this page.