Block H DCP Amendment and Planning Agreement

Proposed amendment to the Homebush Bay West DCP - Public exhibition now closed

The Department of Planning and Environment informed the Council in January 2023 that it had revoked Council’s delegated power as the local planning authority to assess and determine proposed amendments to the Homebush Bay West DCP.

A new proposal to amend the Homebush West DCP was submitted by the proponent, Billbergia, to the Department for their assessment in April 2023. The assessment and determination of the new Block H proposal is therefore now being carried out by the Department.

  • The new proposal that is being assessed by the Department continues to propose 85,000 sqm of residential floor area in a generally similar manner to the earlier proposal that was considered by Council at the 12 September 2022 Council meeting.
  • The new proposal would facilitate two 40 storey towers which is a reduction in height from the earlier proposal of one 50 storey tower and one 40 storey tower (the reduced tower height is offset by increased podium heights).
  • The existing DCP controls set a maximum height of 25 and 16 storeys for the Block H site.

The new proposal that is being assessed by the Department was on public exhibition by the Department from 21 November 2023 to 2 February 2024.

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Who should I contact about the proposed DCP amendments?

  • Notwithstanding conclusion of the formal exhibition period, any questions regarding the proposal should be directed to theDepartment of Planning and Environment.

Why is the State Government now responsible for the proposed DCP amendment?

  • In March 2022, there was a review of the Planning Secretary’s delegations.
  • In relation to the Homebush Bay West DCP amendments, the previous delegation provided to the City of Parramatta Council was revoked.
  • The new delegations mean the Department will carry out any amendments to the DCP.
  • The new delegations can be viewed on the Department’s website under “Plan-making delegations.”

What are the next steps for the proposed DCP amendment?

  • The Department completedpublic exhibition ofthe new DCP amendment that will facilitate the development of the Block H site (also known as Bennelong Cove).
  • The public exhibition ranfrom 21 November 2023 to 2 February 2024 and wasmanaged by the Department.
  • The Department will consider submissions received from the exhibition process and any further changes required prior to determining the proposed DCP amendment.
  • Council considered a report on the proposed DCP amendment and the proposed Planning Agreement at the 11 December 2023 Council meeting. The meeting minutes can be found here -Agendas and Minutes: City of Parramatta

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Proposed Planning Agreement

The new DCP amendment that is being assessed by the Department is supported by a draft Planning Agreement from the proponent, Billbergia. Despite the Department being the planning proposal authority, if the proposal proceeds to approval, the Planning Agreement will provide local supporting infrastructure, which will need to be entered into by Council.

The draft Planning Agreement proposes community benefit items that’s needed to support the new DCP amendment, including:

  • An urban park;
  • Indoor recreation centre;
  • Child care centre; and
  • Continuation of the existing privately funded free shuttle bus between Wentworth Point and Rhodes Station.

Council endorsed the draft Planning Agreement for public exhibition at the 11 December 2023 Council meeting. It is anticipated that public exhibition of the draft Planning Agreement will occur in 2024. The results of the public exhibition will then be considered by Council.

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