On paws no more...

From extreme heat and high winds to torrential rain and flooding, the weather has not been kind of late, but we are pleased to announce that Barnett Dog Park is now open!

We know how keen the local community is to get back to the park and for their dogs to socialise, try out the agility equipment, sniff around and leave their mark. Whilst we are very keen for dogs and owners alike to have fun and enjoy the park, we ask that you please remain clear of the fallen tree and ensure your dogs do not access the closed-off area. The fallen tree has been fenced off, however given the recent storms, it may be some weeks before the tree can be removed, as City of Parramatta staff and contractors are being kept busy attending to other critical works around the City.

With the storm season still in full-swing, please also take care and monitor changing weather conditions when considering a visit to the park.

Park etiquette

The park has been created for everyone to enjoy. We remind all park users of their responsibilities and requirements under the Companion Animal Act 1998 and ask everyone to review the etiquette signs in the park. For more information, please read the 'You and Your Dog' brochure on the City of Parramatta website.

Remember to keep the gates closed to ensure dogs in the off-leash area are safe and to be careful when entering and leaving the park. Keeping your dog under effective control, being on poo patrol and using the bins provided will make sure everyone has fun and our park continues to be a clean and safe space for all.

What did we hear during community consultation?

In September and October 2018, Council invited the community's input into proposed upgrades to Barnett Dog Park. Over 90% of respondents expressed support for the park upgrade and provided feedback on how the design could be improved.

We considered your feedback and made changes to the design, incorporating above-ground agility equipment, more seating, improved street access for pedestrians and maintenance vehicles, and landscaping to keep dogs away from neighbouring houses. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can play safely in the park - both dogs and their human companions.

In April 2019, Council invited the community to share their thoughts on the final concept design (located under the Resources section). Thank you to everyone who contributed. Almost all of you supported the updated design concept, and a majority of you rated the design either a '4' or '5' out of 5.

Engagement Results

Find out more about what we heard!

Frequently Asked Questions

The lights will be switched on at sunset and automatically timed to switch off at 8pm. During summer when the sun sets later, the lights will not need to be turned on at all.

A new double-gated entry system has been installed along with additional fencing to separate small dog and medium-big dog areas.

Council will work with the appointed contractor to determine the best approach for a Bindii Management Plan at Barnetts Dog Park. Our aim is to eliminate bindies from the park to protect the paws of our furry friends and ensure everyone can play safely in the park.

You told us that you didn’t want any tunnels and that all agility equipment should be above ground. We have listened and worked with the appointed contractor to provide a mix of new agility equipment, including hurdles and weave poles.