Integrated Transport Plan for Parramatta CBD

Looking for the endorsed Integrated Transport Plan for Parramatta CBD? Click here to download!

In mid-2021, the City of Parramatta publicly exhibited the Integrated Transport Plan for Parramatta CBD (ITP). The purpose of the ITP is to assess the impacts of theParramatta CBD Planning Proposal, and identify improvements for roads, public transport, pedestrians and cyclists required to support its implementation.

The updated planning controls in the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal will result in a significant increase in transport trips starting or ending in the Parramatta CBD; this requires a change in how people move around the city.

To support and service the proposed increases in population and employment, the ITP identifies that more space efficient modes are needed within a denser city. This will require a dramatic increase in walking, cycling and public transport trips, and a reduction in the share of trips by private vehicle as there isn’t enough available road space.

Public exhibition

Public exhibition closed at 5pm on Thursday 3 June 2021.

Following a review of submissions received, the Integrated Transport Plan with amendments was endorsed by Council on Monday 26 July 2021 and forwarded to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment as part of the supporting documents for the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal.