The City of Parramatta is upgrading Woodstock Road Shops and Douglass Avenue Reserve Playground in Carlingford as part of our long-running Better Neighbourhood Program (BNP).

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback during stage one consultation in September 2020. We had a strong response to the feedback opportunity, with 69 responses received via the online submission option and 58 contributions made via the visioner tool.

In late 2020, we again sought community feedback; this time on the draft concept plans prepared for Woodstock Road Shops and Douglass Avenue Reserve Playground. Council received 77 responses via the online submission option during this second stage of consultation.

Feedback on the Woodstock Road Shops draft concept plan was generally positive, with community members noting that the planned seating under trees will be a great addition as increased shade will improve the usability of the area for longer. The proposed street library was also very well supported.

Some respondents provided comments about the possible addition of a bubbler and the orientation of the car parking spaces. A number of suggestions were also received with respect to possible activities that could be delivered in the area which could cater to a wide variety of age groups.

Council is now in the process of finalising the design and will soon begin sourcing project quotations with construction anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2021.

The draft concept plan presented to the community in late 2020 proposed relocating the playground from its current location at the bottom of the reserve within the tree canopy, to a nearby open space to avoid critical vegetation, increase passive surveillance opportunities and provide a better connection to the carpark and subsequently Woodstock Road Shops. Feedback from community consultation was generally supportive of the proposed new playground location.

During consultation, Council also heard that the community would like to see a bike/scooter track incorporated into the new playground, which could encourage young children to learn to ride. This request has been incorporated into the design brief provided to playground equipment providers.

Have Your Say - Playground Upgrade

In February 2021, Council sought community feedback on a preferred choice for the upgraded play equipment at Douglass Avenue Reserve.

We are currently reviewing all feedback received and will report back to you on what we heard and next steps via this page.

Frequently Asked Questions - Douglass Avenue Reserve Playground Upgrade

No shade sails are planned for this playground. however several trees have been proposed in the draft concept plan to provide shade from the northern and western sun.

No fence will be provided. Any money spent on fencing would be subtracted from the overall budget which would mean less money for playground equipment. Fences are therefore only included in local playgrounds when necessary.

The playground upgrade will not require the removal of any trees. The tree canopy is comprised of critically endangered Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest which Council will retain and protect.

No water play is planned for this playground as it is only to be installed in specially considered locations and is too expensive to install and maintain under a Local Playground budget.

No trampolines or flying foxes are planned for this playground as these items are too expensive to be funded under a Local Playground budget.

Outdoor exercise equipment is not designed for children and cannot be included in playgrounds. The budget has been specifically allocated to upgrade the playground and does not allow for additional items in the park.

Yes, the playground will include two new seats with backrests.

No bin or bubbler are planned to be installed as part of this upgrade.

The play surface around the play equipment will be made from a coloured porous rubber.

Frequently Asked Questions - General

A range of comments were provided from community members, with most people wanting a greater variety of shopping options at Woodstock Shops, with improved accessibility and the need for greater vibrancy, key themes that came through.

In relation to Douglass Park Reserve, community members are looking for increased useability of the park with a strong desire for the provision of more sports and exercise options, as well as a greater variety of improved family friendly facilities.

Council also sought your input on preferred playground themes for Douglass Avenue Reserve. Six options were presented, the results of which are provided below.

The Better Neighbourhood Program (BNP) is a long-running and successful Council program that focuses on the capital upgrades of local centres outside of the Parramatta CBD. The BNP commenced in 1999 and delivers improvements to centres with the goal of enhancing safety, vitality and economic prosperity.

Between 2011 and 2019, Council invested $11,761,333 in BNP projects, which consisted primarily of:

  • Capital upgrades to local, town and neighbourhood centres. Examples of projects delivered include streetscape upgrades at Carmen Drive, Ventura Road, The Chisholm Centre, Carlingford and Lawndale Road Shops.
  • Connecting Centres projects to improve access to local centres and neighbourhoods.
  • Complementary public domain improvements.

A total of $3,200,000 has been allocated to the BNP over the next two financial years. This includes $620,000 in FY 2019/20 and $2,580,000 in FY 2020/21. The funding allocation is larger in the second year to allow for detailed design and construction processes to be completed in FY 2020/21.

It is important to note that the tree canopy in the reserve comprises Critically Endangered Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest that is protected under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. An upgraded playground would need to ensure there are no encroachments into the tree protection and structural root zones of any significant trees. This is to guarantee the potential impacts are minimised.