Lake Parramatta Swimming Area Upgrade – construction underway

In December 2022, the Lake Parramatta Swimming Area draft concept plan was promoted on Participate Parramatta. The concept plan presented a vision for a safer and more accessible swimming area with a number of landscaping enhancements.

Responding to community feedback around environmental concerns and universal access, a refined design was presented to the community in 2023, with Council approving the revised concept in July 2023.

Construction work is underway at Lake Parramatta, with the 19 week program expected to be completed in September 2024.

Key features of the upgrade include:

  • Construction of an underwater retaining wall to create a sand bed or ‘beach’ within the swim area.
  • Improved water access through construction of a formalised and gently sloping sandy beach, concrete footpaths and other accessibility features such as handrails and traction treatments for steps.
  • Installation of a formal lifeguard viewing platform providing improved sightlines over the swimming area for lifeguards.
  • new seating, shaded areas, landscaping, and bushland regeneration.

Latest News

Lake Parramatta - Project Update May 2024

Construction is well underway at Lake Parramatta. The site survey has been set-out, the compound set-up, the haulage path down to the lake has been built to facilitate construction, tree protection measures are in place, and the silt curtain in the lake has been installed.

The haulage path can be seen in the centre of the photograph above. The orange membrane will be covered with sandstone to create a platform for work crews to drive equipment and materials down to the lake without damaging the existing stairs.

Over the next few weeks, there will be more activity as the construction team starts to remove the swimming infrastructure and a long-reach crane arrives on site. Work will then begin on the underwater structures.

Subject to weather and site conditions, Lake Parramatta is expected to re-open in October for the 2024/25 swim season.

Lake Parramatta Construction Program

Work on the Lake Parramatta Swimming Area Upgrade commenced 29 April 2024 and will take approximately 19 weeks to complete. For safety, the swimming area and surrounds, including some walking tracks and the picnic areas, will be closed from late April to September 2024.

Areas will be fenced and signs will provide information on detours to open walking tracks.

Work will take place Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 5pm and from 8am to 1pm on Saturday.

Subject to weather and site conditions, it is expected that work will be completed by September 2024 allowing Lake Parramatta to reopen for the 2024/25 swimming season. City of Parramatta will keep residents advised of progress via updates to its websites.

For after hours or urgent enquiries regarding the construction program at Lake Parramatta, please contact Bayden Tilley, Site Manager on 0431 005 221

Concept Plan - PDF version can be found in Resources 



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