Draft Delivery Program 2022-26, Operational Plan & Budget

Council's guiding plan for the currect financial year was adopted in July 2023.

Below are highlights from the document.

Council is now preparing the draft plan and budget for 2024/25. Please FOLLOW this page to be updated!

A quick guide to the DPOP

What is the Delivery Program and Operational Plan?

The four-year Delivery Program and 12-month Operational Plan, also known as the 'D-POP', is Council's guiding document. It involves input from the community, councillors and staff. It looks at priorities in the Community Strategic Plan and decides which activities will receive resources and funding in the coming financial year.

It's where you get to see your rates at work, and the full range of projects and programs happening across the City of Parramatta.

Keeping us on track

There are key themes in the Community Strategic Plan that inform the overall direction of Council's delivery program. They are:

  1. Investment in green initiatives
  2. Traffic and transport
  3. Community services and facilities
  4. Open green and recreation investment
  5. Affordable and diverse housing and accommodation
  6. Equal/fairer distribution of funding and facilities across all wards and strong governance

The Delivery Program and Operational Plan is evidence that Council is bringing about the community's vision.

The Budget

The budget is prepared alongside the updated operational plan. Here is where you can see how your rates, fees and charges are being spent. 

  • In 2023/24, Council is budgeting for Operating Revenues of $330.3m (excluding Capital grants and contributions of $125.3m), with $220.6m coming from rates and annual charges.
  • Operating expenses are budgeted at $327.7m, resulting in a surplus of $2.6m as net underlying operating result.

Overall, Council has budgeted more than $614 million of operating and capital expenditure in the 2023/24 financial year.

Click here to access the section on the 2023/24 Budget, Rates, Fees & Charges.

The budget, financial statements and fees and charges can be found in Resources.

Community engagement

Every year, Council updates these important documents. We will promote the public exhibition, inviting you to have your say.

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Map of key capital projects

Here's a birds eye view of key projects across the Local Government Area. Some will run for more than one year to be completed in 2025 or 2026. Youmay have been involved in the community engagement stage of these projects.

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