Draft Delivery Program 2022-26, Operational Plan & Budget

The Draft Delivery Program, Operational Plan & Budget 2023/24 was exhibited on Council's main website from Wednesday 10 May to Wednesday 7 June 2023.

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Public Exhibition

Submissions closed 5pm on Wednesday 7 June 2023

The documents can be found under Resources on this page.

Project update:

On Monday 26 June 2023 Council resolved:

(a)     That Council adopt the four-year Delivery Program (2022/23 – 2025/26) and one-year Operational Plan (2023/24) (DPOP), inclusive of:


1       The Annual Budget 2023/24

2       The Schedule of Fees and Charges 2023/24 (to commence from 1 July 2023).


(b)     That Council note the submissions received via the public exhibition process, and as outlined in the Engagement Outcomes Report (Attachment 6), have been taken into consideration in the finalisation of the Delivery Program 2022-26 and Operational Plan & Budget 2023/24.


(c)     That Council adopt expenditure totalling $614.7m in the Budget 2023/24 (which incorporates the draft operating and capital budgets) and the funds to cover such expenditure be voted.


(d)     Further, that Council delegate authority to the Chief Executive Officer to make administrative proofing adjustments such as formatting, design or typographical errors as required in the DPOP, Budget and Fees & Charges before print and publication.


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