One of Council’s most important documents is the Delivery Program. This is a three-year business plan that outlines how the Council will deliver its core services, activities, programs, projects, budget, and fees and charges.

With your help, in 2017 we started to set out Council’s goals for the next three years and created the Delivery Program 2018-2021 to identify the projects we would focus on and the cost to supply those services.

A component of the Delivery Program is an annual Operational Plan. This is reviewed each year to ensure Council’s activities are still in line with its priority goals, and that they are achievable and in line with budget.

In May 2019, Council invited the community to provide feedback on the Draft Operational Plan and Budget for 2019-2020 and on our priorities for the next twelve months. You gave us suggestions about other aspects Council should prioritise, and highlighted the importance of environmental sustainability.

Three-quarters of you did not have any feedback on the budget or fees and charges. You told us you wanted the following to be considered for inclusion in the Operational Plan and Budget 2019-2020: libraries, sport, more infrastructure, more trees and green canopies, and more water play areas.

The final version of the Operational Plan and Budget 2019-2020 (see Resources section) was put to Council for endorsement and adopted in June 2019.

Engagement Results

What did you tell us?

Information about the Delivery Program

We’ve prepared a summary of our progress, including key achievements from the Operational Plan and Budget for 2018-2019, outlined what adjustments were required and as a result, identified what Council’s priorities are for the Operational Plan and Budget 2019-2020. These changes have also been reflected in a revised Delivery Program 2018-2021. You can read the summary in Arabic, English, Hindi, Korean and Simplified Chinese, as well as the FULL revised Draft Delivery Program 2018-2021 in the ‘resources’ panel to the right. The FULL draft has four parts:

  • Part 1: provides context and discusses how the Plan was developed, how priorities were determined and how these priorities align to the Community Strategic Plan
  • Part 2: details the services, principal activities, focus areas and programs of the Council over the life of the Plan.
  • Part 3: presents the budget for the next two years and an annual breakdown. It also includes projects by Directorate, the Revenue Policy and the Rating and Charges Structure for 2019-2020.
  • Part 4: details the schedule of Fees & Charges for 2019-2020 inclusive of an explanation of Council’s pricing policy and any proposed changes for the current financial year.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Delivery Program is a document/business plan that sets out what Council will do for a three year period. It focuses on activities where Council has control over the outcomes. This could be a service we deliver, a project we collaborate on or where we advocate on behalf of the community for better outcomes.