About this project

City of Parramatta Council is seeking community feedback on the shortlisted names for the City’s new community, cultural, and civic heart. The new multi-purpose building is the final addition to the new $2.7 billion Parramatta Square precinct, a visionary, world-class landmark and destination in the heart of the Parramatta CBD.

The naming of 5 Parramatta Square will provide an enduring and welcoming identity for an important community asset. The names presented for community consultation are the result of extensive research, heritage interpretation and stakeholder discussions, following the naming framework principles outlined in the Geographical Names Board of NSW ‘Place Naming’ policy.

About the building and its location

5 Parramatta Square is located within the heart of Parramatta’s historic civic precinct, which has been used as a key meeting place. The area has housed the nearby heritage-listed Town Hall since 1883, and was the previous home to Council and former Parramatta Library. The site is now being redeveloped as part of the wider Parramatta Square project. The building will contain a number of Council owned and operated facilities, including a world-class public library, community meeting rooms and Council Chambers.

Proposed names

The names presented for community consultation were prepared in accordance with the naming principles outlined in the NSW Geographical Names Board (GNB) Place Naming Policy (2018). The policy encourages place names that reflect the heritage, cultures and identity of a site which make the place distinctive and memorable for residents and the wider community.

Civic represents a town and the people who live in it, a building for City of Parramatta’s people. The site has a long history as the centre of Parramatta’s civic infrastructure. Town Hall was built nearby in 1883 and Council moved to this site in 1958, with the former Parramatta Library added in 1964. The two proposed names pay tribute to the past while celebrating the building as a new commitment to Parramatta’s civic future.


Have your say

Submissions are invited on the proposed names until 5pm on Wednesday 16 June 2021.

You can provide your feedback using any of the following options.

  • Online submission: enter your comments online on this page and submit directly to Council
  • Email: placeservices@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au
  • Post: Place Services, City of Parramatta, PO Box 32, Parramatta, NSW 2124

Supply of personal information: Further information is provided in the City of Parramatta's Privacy Statement and Access to Information Policy.

Frequently asked questions

5 Parramatta Square will be the new community, cultural, and civic heart, a home for ideas, aspirations and expertise, and a place to connect, participate and learn. Connecting with the historic Town Hall, it will deliver world-class community and cultural experiences along with a state-of-the-art library for our City.

The purpose of public consultation is to obtain general feedback from the community, and, according to the NSW Geographical Names Board (GNB) guidelines, to ensure that the proposed names are not perceived to be offensive, derogatory, or demeaning.

As Council does not have a formal place naming policy, the Geographic Names Board of NSW ‘Place Naming’ Policy (GNB guidelines) is being followed.

The consultation period for public feedback is open from Tuesday 25 May to 5pm on Wednesday 16 June 2021 (meeting the minimum three weeks’ timeframe as outlined in GNB Guidelines).

A place name reflects the heritage, cultures and identity of a site which make it distinctive and memorable for residents and the wider community. It can reveal the relationship between people and place, and create a link that forms the basis for communication, location and addressing. Clear and unambiguous place names are essential for emergency services, postal and service delivery as well as professional and personal navigation.

As part of the decision-making process, Council undertook extensive research to identify significant stories and histories of the area. Council has conducted a wide range of consultation that incorporated heritage interpretation and stakeholder discussions, focussing on suitable thematic options relating to GNB naming principles.

Following Councillor consideration, the proposed names for 5 Parramatta Square were selected to be placed on public exhibition to seek community feedback.

Iconic and timeless in design, 5 Parramatta Square will represent the City’s civic centre as a place of pride that celebrates our rich culture and unique heritage.

More information on this important project can be found here.