Exhibition of Planning Proposal, Draft Development Control Plan and Draft Planning Agreement

City of Parramatta Council is exhibiting amendments to the Parramatta (formerly The Hills) Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 and The Hills Development Control Plan (DCP) 2012 with a Draft Planning Agreement for the site at 23-25 Windsor Road, Northmead.

The proposal seeks to maintain the current zoning and amend the maximum building height and floor space ratio controls to facilitate the development of two residential apartment buildings. It also seeks to improve vehicular access into the site and improve permeability between the site and surrounding Northmead/North Rocks area for pedestrians, cyclists, residents and visitors.

To learn more about the proposal, please read the Project Summary and Explanatory Note of the Draft Planning Agreement here or in the Exhibition material section below.

Council is exhibiting changes to the Parramatta (former The Hills) Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012. Key aspects of the Planning Proposal are:

  • Maintain the current zoning of R4 – High Density Residential (13,950sqm) and part SP2 – Infrastructure zoning (350sqm) across the site.
  • Amend the Maximum Floor Space Ratio (FSR) control for the R4 zoned land from no FSR to 1.8:1.
  • Amend the Maximum Building Height (HOB) control for the R4 zoned land from 16 metres (5 storeys) to 30 metres (9 storeys).

These proposed amendments intend to accommodate two U-shaped apartment buildings that are 7 to 9 storeys in height. Details are shown in Attachment 1 – Planning Proposal and Concept Design in the Appendix.

Council is also exhibiting a draft site-specific DCP to guide future development consistent with the concept design for the site. The draft DCP will be added as a new section to Part D of The Hills DCP 2012 until a consolidated DCP is made for the Parramatta LGA. The draft DCP includes objectives & controls that intend to:

  • Facilitate two 7-9 storey apartment buildings that seek to maximise solar access to future dwellings on the subject site and minimise overshadowing to nearby properties.
  • Improve connectivity by delivering a new two-way accessway for safer transport movements and shared pathways to nearby sites.
  • Provide passive recreation spaces with deep soil and landscaping for future residents.

These controls intend to manage the change in building height and development interface to nearby properties. Details are shown in Attachment 2 – Draft DCP for 23-25 Windsor Road, Northmead.

Council has negotiated a Draft Planning Agreement with the developer in accordance with Council’s Planning Agreements Policy (2018). The Draft Planning Agreement proposes:

  • Monetary contribution for affordable housing as well as outdoor fitness equipment in Speers Road Reserve.
  • Works-in-kind for two 3-metre shared pathways to improve connectivity through the site and surrounding area. These works are not proposed for Council ownership, or maintenance and any ongoing costs will be the responsibility of the future residential strata scheme.
  • Registration of two 24/7 unencumbered public access easements for both shared pathways.

Details on the Draft Planning Agreement are shown as follows: Draft Planning Agreement (Attachment 3), Letter of Offer from the Applicant (Attachment 4) and Explanatory Note (Attachment 5).

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